We have all been there. Whether purchasing a garden tool or those large items like a fridge or stove, there is always the inclination to see how cheaply we can buy it. But looking at music services for your event, or perhaps, the once in a lifetime wedding is not the same as buying garden tools. Music has to do more than just work. It has to convey ambiance, emotion and even fun with an experienced, amiable DJ. So here are a few reasons that a great deal on a cheap amateur Vancouver DJ may not be such a great deal after all.     

They Might Go Out Of Business

One of the things to consider is that a cheap or free DJ in Vancouver may not be in business by the time your event rolls around. They are not charging enough to support themselves or the maintenance of their equipment or vehicle. An amateur is actually just financing a hobby. Your Mr. DJ that is pricing himself way below the competition in order to get work is probably struggling and who knows if their vehicle will actually be working, or even break down on, or before, your event date. I don’t have to tell you the expense of keeping a good, reliable car on the road. It is impossible to do without the funds. In addition, who knows what condition their equipment will be in. What if they don’t arrive at your event, or the equipment breaks down at your function? Would that be a big deal to you?

They Just Aren’t Invested In Your Event

An amateur DJ is often not invested in the performance or your event. If something goes wrong, it is not a big problem for them. If the music or performance does not convey the type of emotional atmosphere the client wanted, an amateur has the liberty to have a cavalier attitude. On the other hand, a wedding professional puts their reputation and livelihood on the line every time they perform. A professional DJ needs to get it right for your event, not only from the personal standpoint of taking pride in their service and doing a good job for the client, but for the testimonials that support their ability to do the job professionally and attract other clients to them. It is critical for a professional Vancouver DJ service to do the job right the first time and every time.  Would you rather have an entertainer who is 100% invested in his business and performance on your event or wedding day or someone who does it as a hobby?

You Need An Experienced Problem-Solver

There are so many things involved in being a professional DJ in Vancouver. From helping to coordinate the music with the flow of your event, working with your other vendors, managing the guest’s requests, reading the crowd, making sure the right song is played at just the right time as well as troubleshooting, a professional DJ has the wealth of experience and knowledge to make it all happen smoothly. You can tell whether your DJ knows what he’s doing or not, just by the way they present themselves. The social occasion of your event requires an experienced DJ that is pleasant and approachable while at the same time able to execute the specifications of the contract flawlessly. There are often times a DJ will come up against an unexpected challenge and the background on how the successfully solve it is one of the many skills required. Amateurs and the cheap, struggling DJ just have not had enough events to gain the experience and foreknowledge to deal with many of the challenges of being a DJ. If a DJ is cheap or an amateur, they are cheap for a reason. They can’t get many events and cutting their prices is their attempt at a solution. They are an amateur because they can’t afford to be a professional, or they just don’t have the interest. Either way, it should be a red flag.

Would you rather have a Vancouver DJ service that has well over 2,300 successful weddings and events of all kinds completed or a cheap, amateur DJ that has only a handful? Something to think about when planning for your Vancouver DJ service


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