Are you planning a party and are wondering whether to go for a DJ or a Karaoke? Well then let us guide you and take you to the correct solution. Now you can get both DJ as well as Karaoke services at your disposal. With DJ Boogie Shoes, you can get the absolutely best DJ and Karaoke services in Vancouver. If you still have any doubts as to why choose DJ Boogie Shoes then check out these amazing points below:

1.Lighting- All services by DJ Boogie Shoes come with lighting included. If you choose any other DJ service, you might have to arrange the lighting separately but with DJ Boogie Shoes, the lighting is included in the package, this means that DJ Boogie Shoes is a one stop shop for all the entertainment needs of your party.

2.Face to Face Consultation- DJ Boogie Shoes provides you with face to face consultation for all events that are regular and within 30 minute of the serviceable area. For all other services, you get seamless telephonic consultation.

3.Karaoke plus DJ- A great concept by DJ Boogie Shoes is that you get a combination of both Karaoke and DJ services at the same place. This way, in a single package you can avail the benefits of both Karaoke as well as DJ.

4.Choice of songs- Since we are talking about DJ and Karaoke Services for weddings in Vancouver, you can rest assured that with all wedding packages, you can choose your cocktail and dinner music and this will include music for the entrance, music for cake cutting and music for the first dances. These choices may be limited in the case of budget packages. But in the regular and above packages, you get to choose all the songs that you like or do not like and have them played at different parts of the party like the guests arrival, cocktail, dinner music and dance music.

5.Large playlist- DJ Boogie Shoes has a vast playlist of about 20,000 songs for your choice and you will be able to pick up your favorite songs at ease.

6.Screens and Projectors- DJ Boogie Shoes also have screens and projectors that allow you to make the party even more fun by showcasing pictures and montages.

So, your search for DJ and Karaoke Services for weddings in Vancouver ends right here. Contact me!