Roma Hall Venue Review

Roma Hall in Queensborough,  New Westminster has been around for years. This a nice family friendly venue that, contrary to a bit of a drab brick exterior, is actually quite nice inside with room from a small to medium sized event.

There is plenty of parking and the fact that it is free is a nice bonus for this DJ in Vancouver. I am not sure if there is overnight parking but there is a gate that does secure he parking lot after an event. There are also designated parking spots close to the entrance of the hall for disabled guests.

The entrance to the hall is level with no stairs. It is wide enough to back a van up the door  to unload anything you need to bring into the hall and for your vendors to roll equipment in on a cart. There are double opening doors for wide loads.  Along with the level entrance, the doors make it very convenient for any mobility challenged guests to access the hall.   

Trattoria Hall Venue Review

Trattoria Hall, at the Italian Cultural Center is one of the venues at the center that is smaller but has everything you need for a small to medium sized event. As a matter of fact, it was this venue that Biff Naked used when I provided DJ service for her wedding a few years ago. Beth & Steve wedding

The Italian Cultural Center has plenty of free parking, even when there are multiple functions going on in the main hall. This always makes things easier for guests and your vendors as well as on yourself. It is one less thing to do as you don’t have to spend time getting parking passes for anyone.

The entrance to Trattoria Hall is a bit of a walk from the large parking lot. not so bad in nice weather but you definitely would need an umbrella if the weather is wet. However, there are no stairs to climb and the level surface to the venue and entrance make it very easy for any mobility challenged guests and wheelchairs to access. Also easy for your Vancouver DJ to load their equipment in on a cart. any time you have a venue that has free parking and easy access for your vendors, they are able to keep pricing lower than of they have to pay for parking or load equipment up stairs. Inside the venue, there is also easy level access to the washrooms.

At the entrance to the venue there was an interesting display. I am not sure what the significance was but it was quite interesting and a great conversation starter for your guests.

Just inside the entrance and near to the bar is where the buffet dinner normally takes place. I think this works well as the DJ is at the other end of the room and the music will not be prominent when you are trying the be heard while ordering a drink for the bar or speaking with your friends, family or colleagues at the buffet line.

The room does have a projector and screen for showing your video presentation. I liked the clean, organized that they had for plugging your computer to video equipment into that gave you easy access to their video setup as well. They had all of the standard connections VGA, HDMI, RCA and audio plug ins to use their in ceiling speakers. They also have a microphone or your speeches. As usual, this is great for speeches or the audio track of your video or slide presentation. The in ceiling speakers would not work for louder full sounding dance music.

Although there is no coat room, there is a coat rack to the right of the entrance. The coat rack is hidden around the corner and so is not in plain view. it is not secure to leave valuables but is a convenient spot for guests to leave their coats so as not to have them draped over the back of their chair. 


The staff are well trained and go about serving the guests efficiently. They are cordial but not friendly. The event coordinator was not concerned about the music setup or convenience as she piled up a rug and pushed the podium on the side of the DJ table where guests would come to write down their music requests for the dancing portion of the evening. This could have resulted in a guest tripping over the piled up carpet, so this DJ in Vancouver was bit concerned about that.

 Trattoria Hall, at the Italian Cultural Center is an adequate venue and has the advantage of free parking and easy access for your wheel chair bound and older guests. They have all the bases covered for a small or medium sized event and easy, neat plug ins for your video presentation. However, I found the staff not very friendly. I give this venue 4 out of 5 stars.      

West Wood Plateau Venue Review

Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club Is another nice venue for your wedding, event or party. About an hour drive from Vancouver and situated on picturesque Westwood plateau, the club is surrounded by well kept lawns, greenery and residences. From the upper balcony, there are scenic views of the grounds.


The venue has a number locations for the wedding ceremony including a lower balcony just off the room of the lower main level. There are also balcony areas on the second floor that run the whole length of that floor. However, when the weather is pleasant, most wedding ceremonies take place on the lawn just a short walk from the clubhouse. Power can be arranged for your Vancouver DJ if they are doing the ceremony music.


The entrance to the clubhouse is covered so your guests are protected from the elements. Also, any decorations or equipment you need to bring into the venue stay dry in wet weather.


The lobby is large and open and has a timber and beam type look. There is a restaurant and bar in the lower lobby area so guests can have a drink or light snack at any time during the day. The staircase leads to the upper rooms where larger events are held inside foyer.


There are elevators to every level so it is quite easy for any mobility challenged guests to move around and entrance into the venue is flat with no stairs. The elevators are quite large inside . However, this DJ in Vancouver found that when going to the lower main room, the elevator opens up to a narrow hallway with the kitchen area across from the elevator. There are milk boxes and other items stacked in the hallway so pushing a wheel chair or cart around them requires moving or pushing some things out of the way. Access to the upper rooms by the elevator do not have this situation so it is a bit easier to roll wheelchairs or carts to those rooms.       


There a couple rooms upstairs that will hold around 200 guests, perhaps a little more. The room on the lower main level of the clubhouse is smaller and could probably hold a hundred guests at the limit. This room is long and a bit narrow but comfortable. There is a nice fireplace at one end of the room with a small dance floor in front of it and a larger dance floor at the other end of the room.


There was enough space to set up a backdrop for guest pictures but most opted for photos in front of the fireplace.


The room does have a wireless microphone for your speeches but and there is a screen and projector for your slide show or video presentation. Surprisingly, the in house speakers work rather well for playing the audio of your slide show. They might even work well for playing your cocktail and dinner hour music in this room. The large room upstairs also has these features but I am not sure how the in house audio speakers sound in those rooms.  


Staff are attentive to guests and efficient. They work easily with your vendors and are quick to solve issues if and when they arise

The Westwood Plateau Golf And Country Club is a rather nice venue. With the ease of access, nice surroundings and pleasant, helpful staff, the venue has everything for a pleasant and enjoyable event. I rate this venue at 4.0 stars out of 5.         

Terminal City Club Venue Review

The Terminal City Club is one of oldest and most respected clubs in Vancouver. The club has a wide variety of services and can host a variety and events of up to 250 guests in the Metropolitan ballroom. The venue is well kept and with it being downtown there are lots of things going on around the venue as well.

The venue is quite easy to get into. Underground parking is just on the corner of West Cordova and Howe Street and there is an elevator right up to lobby of the club and a ramp to the second level of the club. There are a number of levels. To get up to the main level of the Metropolitan ballroom and to other rooms upstairs, there is an elevator. This is quite convenient for your mobility challenged guests. The button in the elevator to the lobby from the parking lot to the lobby is a little hard to see. It took me a little time to find it.

Your vendors though usually load in from a back alley where there is a gate and then up an elevator to the kitchen and from there into the main ballroom or into the elevator to the upstairs rooms. The vendors often have to wait for someone to open the gate to let them in so I recommend they are at the venue earlier to allow for that. It is good to have a phone number for the catering department and security to make sure the vendor can reach someone to minimize wait time. 

The Metropolitan ballroom is L shaped and does have partitions that can be opened for a larger guest list. The L shape of the room does make it difficult to project music to both ends of the room so placement of your DJ takes a little consideration. A good spot is in the corner by the back windows. As always, it is best not to put any tables between the DJ and the dance floor. I would also recommend a powerful enough PA system to project the music to the dance floor when the DJ is placed for in this spot. A smaller budget system will not work well if you have guests who love to dance.  


The Metropolitan ballroom does have drop down screens and projectors built into the room for your slide show or video presentation. They also have a wireless microphone and in ceiling speakers for your speeches. The speakers are adequate for speeches but not for dance music.


Another note on the time frame for your vendors, if you are having a general meeting or event in the room before the start of the dinner and entertainment portion of your event, be sure to leave enough time for your DJ to set up so they will be ready to go at the contracted time. It does take the staff time to reorganize the room and this can delay the Vancouver DJ setting up and not being ready to start the music at the contracted time.

The lobby area of the venue is very nice with marble floors an nicely carpeted areas in all of the rooms.


The entrance area to the main ballroom has very nice decor with a staircase and over looked by a wonderful stained glass dome in the ceiling.  


Wait staff are not overly friendly but are attentive to the guests and effective in their services.

The Terminal City Club is a very nice upper class venue set in the heart of Vancouver. It is an easy venue for everyone, including mobility challenged guests, to move around and the decor is first class. The location is centralized and easily accessible. However, the odd shape of the Metropolitan ball room, the length of time it can take to get equipment into the venue and the business like demeanor of the wait staff made this DJ in Vancouver feel like the venue was lacking a positive, warm ambiance. I give this venue a 4.3 out of 5.    

Venue Review – Rowena Inn on The River

Rowena Inn on the River at Harrison Mills is a beautiful venue for any type of occasion and definitely a location to check out if you are having a wedding. About a 2 hour picturesque drive from Vancouver, It is an impressive historical house offset by a pristine setting by the Fraser River and jeweled by the striking turquoise colored water of a magnificent pool.

Rowena Inn is located in the Sandpiper Golf Course Resort. This is a little tricky when looking for the venue as the sign for the inn is quite small. Myself, and a few guests, drove right by the golf course not noticing the marquee that the inn was located within the golf course grounds.

Once inside the gates of the golf course, the prize venue is at the end of the driveway where the large white house is located by the Fraser River. Parking seems to be quite accommodating. The 50 guests at the wedding I was DJing all had a place to park.

There are various options for the wedding ceremony location. In this case, the wedding ceremony took place under a lovely big tree. The setting was wonderful but as you notice in the photo, the DJ was setup quite far from the actual ceremony area. The challenge here was to have the ceremony music project loud enough so that it could be heard by the wedding ceremony participants. The speaker that the venue graciously provided was a 350 watt speaker, but as a Vancouver DJ who has done many outdoor wedding ceremonies, it didn’t seem loud enough even at full volume. Projecting music outdoors requires lots of power due to sound absorption and wind. The processional also started in an area opposite to where the speaker was pointed and I know the bridesmaids and bride could not hear their processional music. I would recommend that if you are doing a wedding ceremony in this particular spot and if hearing the music is important to you, then either have the DJ positioned next to the ceremony or have your DJ setup a more powerful 2 speaker sound system. It will cost more, but hearing your ceremony music will be well worth it in such a beautiful setting.    


In the summer, many events are setup around the beautiful pool patio. It is a lovely setting fronted by the Fraser and the low rising mountains on the far shore, but there are some minor challenges you should be aware of.  

A most important thing to take note of is that the pool has no life guard. If there are small children at your event please make sure to watch them carefully. A few children seemed to like playing on the diving board when I was there and although the staff were watchful, they were also busy trying to do their jobs.

 Although your vendors can drive down the lane to where the outdoor DJ set up is in the summer, the final movement of equipment must be done by hand to minimize tearing up the lawn. In my case, I was able to park right next to where the DJ setup was… so wear and tear on my back was minimal. The management and staff are very good about letting your vendors park nearby so as to make their setup as painless as possible. This is unusual for a first class venue such as this and was much appreciated.

Sometimes there is no cover for the DJ and equipment from the hot sun. This can be hard on equipment but even more so, makes it difficult for your DJ to see their computer screens. It is always best to make sure that a tent is provided for your entertainment and guests. I asked for a tent when I arrived…which the staff cheerfully put up. Here again, much appreciated.          

As previously mentioned, a powerful PA system is needed to project music outdoors. The DJ is a bit further from the dance area than usual so please make sure you have your DJ bring a powerful enough PA system…especially if your guest list is a 100 or more. Because the DJ is a little further from the guests, when it comes time for the speeches, make sure you have a professional quality wireless microphone from your DJ if you are using the DJ system for this part of the reception. Not only will a powerful PA system allow the guests to hear your speeches  but a quality microphone will help with clarity and prevent dropouts. There seemed to be an event taking place across the river for the labor day weekend when I was there, so during the speeches, you could hear the performers somewhat at that event across the way. It was not an issue when it came the dancing however as my PA was loud enough to cover sound coming from across the river.

Another wonderful thing about this venue is that you, or your guests, can spend the night either in the historical house or a luxury cottage. The house itself is very well maintained. It is not wheelchair accessible that I could tell, but you might want to check on that. The bathrooms were on the first floor for the outdoor event and there were some small stairs that had to be navigated to get to them. The stairs were small so it may, or may not, be an issue for any mobility challenged guests you may have at your event.

The beauty of the location speaks for itself and I can assure you, it looks just like the photos. The staff are very friendly and super helpful. They are all cheerful and ready to help. This is a reflection of a well managed venue and good management. I believe everyone, including the vendors, enjoyed themselves at this venue.

Rowena Inn on the River is an awesome and highly recommended venue by this DJ in Vancouver. They even have different packages from weddings to golf packages, guided fishing packages, holiday getaway packages and more. Please do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic venue for any event you may be having. Definitely one of my new favorite venues and I am sure it will be yours as well.

Venue Review – Furry Creek Golf & Country Club

I have played the Furry Creek Golf And Country Club a number of times and it is always a pleasant experience. The drive up the sea to sky highway on a nice sunny day is spectacular and the venue itself is nicely decorated with immaculate premises.

As you drive into the property, there are plenty of flowers and greenery to nicely accent the clubhouse and facilities. You can actually pull up in the driveway to unload and your vendors can roll their equipment  into the venue easily. It is also great for any mobility challenged guests.

Plenty of free parking  is  close by and there are actually two tiers with more parking off to the side of the venue. There is ample parking and never any trouble finding a spot.

The buffet for most wedding events that, as a Vancouver DJ I have provided my services for, have been set up outside the main event room. They have it organized so that guests go out one door to the buffet and then enter with their meal via another door . This works well in the summer when it is warm and sunny. In cooler or unpleasant weather, the buffet is set up in the foyer just outside the main entrance of the event room.

The main room, or ballroom, is not very large. Comfortably it accommodates  60 or 70 guests. You could probably squeeze in a 100 guests, and maybe a few more, but then it would start to get crowded. However, there is a balcony where more tables could be added and on a warm summer day, would make for a fabulous addition.

They do have different configurations in terms of setups and usually the head tables need to be moved to accommodate dancing later in the evening.

The main room does have a projector and screen for your video presentations or slide shows. They also have an in house wireless microphone and speaker system for your speeches. As in most venues, the ceiling speakers are fine for speeches but are not good enough to play high levels of music  and will distort if you try to do that.

The staff are very helpful and friendly and are attentive to both your guests and your vendors.

I might add that I have brought friends from out of town and from overseas to the restaurant at the club while on our way to or from Whistler. A very nice restaurant  with a great view and good food. It is wonderful for your guests if you are having an early wedding ceremony and they would like to grab a snack before the dinner at the reception later in the day. Through the week, the restaurant can be quiet and tranquil, which is a treasure in the Sea to Sky area.

Many a DJ in Vancouver is hired to play the Furry Creek Golf And Country Club so do not be deterred of hiring a service out of Vancouver. With the beautiful drive, picturesque grounds and pleasant staff, I give this a 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is another one of my favorite venues to play.

Venue Review – Cecil Green Park House

Cecil Green Park House is on the Northwest cliffs of U.B.C. campus and boasts wonderful views of Howe sound.  It is a mansion style home commissioned in 1912 and has the charm of that era but with some modern amenities.

Pulling into Cecil Green you will notice that parking is above the house. Usually there is just enough parking and it is getting expensive now. Around $20 for 8 hours. You must be a little cautious because they don’t allow you to pay with cash or credit card past 12 midnight. You might think, just as I did, parking is free from midnight because of this but that is not the case. They can, and may, still ticket you after midnight if you don’t pay.  UBC is aggressive in handing out parking tickets. Since there are no signs telling you that you must pay after midnight, I do find this a little shady so be aware. Best to get the app, Honk Mobile, and pay that way. You can then add time as you need it after midnight.

The entrance to Cecil Green is very convenient. It is covered so that guests don’t get wet when rain occurs and there is a ramp for wheel chair bound guests and for your vendors to load equipment into the venue. They are getting a bit fussy about loading out at night though. They had a security guard put up a barrier so that I could not pull directly into the entrance to load out equipment. I am not quite sure what the reasoning was behind this. It just makes getting things out of the venue and into your vehicle a little more difficult.  

Once inside, there are two rooms. The one on the right is where they sometimes put the entertainment and the one on the left is where the dinner takes place. This is one  of the challenges with the Cecil Green venue, entertainment in one room and dinner in the other… separated by a hallway.

 One of the best options is to put your entertainment  in the hallway that separates the two rooms just as we did here. Most DJs  would also prefer this option as it helps them feel part of the event throughout the evening rather than being stuck in the other room where no one sees them until the dancing starts. Still, keep in mind that the music from the hallway will not penetrate into the dining room for dinner music. At this venue, you can bring an iPod to plug into their in house system that they use for speeches and use that for your dinner background music. As an alternative, usually any DJ in Vancouver  can hook up a wired or wireless speaker so they can play your dinner music.

Staff are very helpful and friendly and the event planner is quite pleasant and easy to work with. All of the Cecil Green staff will do their utmost to help you have a trouble free event and answer your questions. If they don’t know an answer to a question, I found they went the extra mile it find out.   

 One thing to mention is that there is no air conditioning at the venue. If it is a hot summer day, it will get very warm within the venue. On those days for myself, I bring a table top fan which really helps keep me cool and lot more comfortable. You might want to think about this for your guests if the day of your event is predicted to have hot weather.

The outdoor patio is very nice to have at this venue. From here you can get nice overall view of the grounds and of Howe sound. The whole back area of the venue is a very nice location for your wedding ceremony and most often, clients take advantage of this great resource.

Cecil Green Park House is a very nice venue for any event and is particularly suited to a wedding event. Charming, nostalgic  and with a great touch of history. As aVancouver DJ, this is one of my favorite venues to DJ. I rate this venue a 4.8 out of 5 stars.  

Venue Review of Cammidge House

Cammidge House is a very nice venue for a summer event. Situated in the Boundary Bay Regional Park, it is a picturesque heritage home with a large lawn on which to hold the wedding ceremony and reception thereafter. The venue lends itself very well for a fine weather event of any kind.

In the summer, the parking lot to the beach inside the park fills up quickly and they often post a park ranger to prevent cars from coming down to the beach and causing traffic congestion. It can be a bit confusing to see a park ranger preventing cars going down the road to the park, but if guests and vendors inform him that they are with an event at Cammidge House they will let you pass. If you’re not familiar with the area this can be a bit tricky to even see the road so it’s probably a good idea if you provide a map for your guests.

Driving down the provincial Park road to Cammidge House in the simmer, it is a bit congested with pedestrians walking to the beach. Although the rangers prevent cars from going down the road, many visitors park cars on the main road way and walked down to the beach. So, during those hot summer days guests and vendors must be careful that they don’t hit anyone. The road is narrow and you must sometimes drive into the oncoming traffic lane to get around the pedestrians.

Once at Cammidge House, you will find ample parking close to the venue for your guests and vendors to load equipment and supplies into the house.

There is a convenient ramp to roll everything up into the house or on the veranda. This is also convenient for your mobility challenged guests and the veranda is a nice area to sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze from the beach.

The house itself is rather small and would not fit many guests. They recommended for 40 guests downstairs and another 125 in a tent set up outside.

There is an upstairs area. There are rooms up there but I believe they are used as dressing rooms for the bride and groom if you were having a wedding event. There is no elevator to the upstairs… there is only a stair case. As with most heritage and character homes, there is no air conditioning. However, there seemed to be a nice breeze coming from the beach so that helps keep the heat down.

In the summer, with good weather, many functions are held outside. In my case, I was providing music services as a Vancouver DJ. Where I was set up in the tent, it was a bit far away from where the wedding ceremony was held so the music could not be heard very well. For more complete music coverage I would recommend a small separate PA for the wedding ceremony.  A battery-powered PA would be the most convenient.  The house is nearby where they normally hold the wedding ceremony so power would be available if you didn’t have a battery powered PA system.

There is a power box for your entertainment close to where they put the DJ… which is usually in a tent. I brought an electric fan that helped to keep things cooler in the tent. There is a noise bylaw and speakers have to face North away from the direction of the house.  The music volume  has to be controlled, so you really don’t need a very large PA system.

All in all, Cammidge House is a pleasant venue to hold an event…especially in the summertime. It is a picturesque setting and the breeze from the beach to moderates heat at this enjoyable venue. As mentioned before, you can even sit on the porch of the house for more intimate conversations and to take advantage of that breeze. The lack of air conditioning may hamper the enjoyment and the noise bylaw might be a concern for you as well as the smallness of the house. For a small outdoor event with nice weather in the summertime, I give the venue a 4.8 out of 5 stars as a DJ in Vancouver.

Venue Review – The Washington Grill Restaurant

The Washington Grill Restaurant is in the upper part of an old character building very close to the beach in White Rock. It is a smaller bar /restaurant venue and works well for a smaller group of say 30 to 50 guests. They have a great view of the beach that adds a great ambiance in the evening.

Parking is ample and in addition to the front parking, there is parking on the side.

The very first thing I noticed were stairs, and lots of them. As any of you who read my venue reviews know, stairs with no elevator are not very kind to your vendors. as a Vancouver DJ, I know carrying equipment upstairs will most certainly add to the cost of your entertainment because of the extra work loading in and out. For those guests who have mobility issues, this would be a difficult venue for them to get into.   


However, the entrance was interesting with a kind of vintage look that is popular at some venues in Victoria. For the event I was DJ / KJing, they added some balloons and a more modern style table. I don’t believe this is normally part of the downstairs decor.

Some of the staff were helpful. Even going so far as to give me a hand loading equipment up the stairs. It was not consistent though but that could have been because I was only a vendor. I did load out by myself.

There are a few sections to the venue and in the area that I was, there was no air conditioning. It was quite hot being upstairs so I would recommend bringing fans or checking with the management to see what could be done to keep your guests cool if your event takes place during the summer months.

The back part of the venue has more light due to the larger windows and the curtains draped from the ceiling give it an airy look. the back are does look newer than the front area and perhaps that was an add on.

The front section of the venue is more dark and is where the bar is located. This section is where they normally put the entertainment. It is quite small and there is only a small stage on which to place equipment. The venue is much more suited to my budget DJ setup than a larger one, which is what we used here.

There is not much room for dancing so if this is an important part of your event, you would have to clear some tables. One of the things that was of notice to me was that they did have the side part of the restaurant  open to the public so all the while the party was taking place, the general public was walking through the event to get to that area of the restaurant.

They have their own small PA so that might be utilized so that entertainment would not have to bring their. I didn’t use it so I don’t know how it sounds but it quite possibly would work well for a dance music application. As a DJ in Vancouver, I have played  a number of venues with their own house system and have more than once, had the experience of having the house system breakdown or not be adequate for louder dance music. Consequently, I always bring my own system. With my systems, I know they works ell for the application that is has been contracted for. This policy has saved a few weddings and event form complete disaster. If you view your event as important, highly recommend never expecting the entertainment can plug into the house system flawlessly. You may get your DJ cheaper but you may end up paying for it with a troubled function with a flawed, or even worse, no sound system. This can really put a damper on things.

They do have some TVs that are hooked into a smaller speaker and video player do that you can show your slide show or video presentation.

   I found the The Washington Grill Restaurant to be an adequate venue. They do have everything you need for a basic function. They also have live music there throughout the week and it will work well for a small group. But because of the long staircase, no elevator, lack of cooling in the summer and the fact the general public was walking through the event, I would have to give this venue a 3.5 out of 5 stars. As always, check the venue I review out for yourself as my rating may 5 for your event.  

Venue Review – Floata Seafood Restaurant

The Floata Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant that hosts a lot of different events. Anything from parties, fund raising  to weddings events as well as operating as a regular Chinese restaurant. It is a large venue and can easily hold 300 guests and maxing out at about 500. The room can be partitioned for smaller groups as well.

Located on the fourth floor of one of the older buildings in Chinatown, the Floata is a bit difficult to find. There are signs going up each level in the parkade but  they are a little bit confusing. You may find yourself a little lost so I would recommend your guests travelling down a day earlier to scope the location out. That way, when you arrive on the day of your event, you will know where you are going…or you could make a detailed map for them.

The parking entrance to the venue is nothing special but the entrance once you are inside is actually quite nice. The venue will also cancel your vendor’s and guest’s parking ticket if you ask.

As mentioned, the venue is quite large with the bar area on your right and at the opposite end, the large dance floor and stage. The venue is also air conditioned.

When to room is opened up to full capacity, there are two stages. This is quite convenient as you can have your speeches on the stage that is located halfway down the room and you entertainment on the stage by the dance floor. Both stages are quite large.

Staff are attentive. As is the Asian custom, staff are not overly friendly but if you chat with them, they generally warm up to you. I am finding as the Chinese restaurants get used to hosting multicultural events, the staff are becoming more accustomed to interacting with many different types of people. As a Vancouver DJ, I go in to each venue being respectful and polite and I have no problem whatsoever. I even sometimes joke with the staff and it is surprising what a little laughter will do to make friendships. 

At each end of the room there is a projector and screen for showing your slide show or video presentations. The screen at the stage by the dance floor has a nice speaker, JBL, for the audio of your video. I would check on the inputs available for your video.

I didn’t use the system but it looked as if the only inputs available were and RCA input panel on the wall. I didn’t see any VGA or HDMI inputs. HDMI being the standard now days.

Although there is a mixing board and speakers around the whole room, the speakers are of not good quality. They are ok for speeches but are rather “tinny” sounding with no low end. I used them as a supplement  to my professional speakers on stage for speeches but the house system is inadequate to play your dance  music.

The dance floor is large and accommodating. At 300 guests, there is ample room for your dance and you can use it to highlight extra entertainment  and it works well or if you have a dance group wanting to do a performance. 

With an ample bar,  good food  and a flexible seating and dancing space The Floata Seafood Restaurant is a nice venue for any type of event large or small.  As often happens at Chinese venues, there is a push to get guests out by a certain time. In this case it was 12 midnight. So, staff are clearing away tables and chairs. Rolling them around the dance floor area and putting things away as guests leave throughout the later part of the evening. As a DJ in Vancouver this dampens the party mood somewhat.  However, if you are fine with that, I would rate the venue as a 4 out of 5 stars.  

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