Wedding Etiquette No No

Wedding Etiquette No No

 With the winding down in sight of another busy wedding season, it might be a good time to take a look back in review at some wedding etiquette rules that this Vancouver DJ has observed over the last few wedding seasons.  Each season brings its’ own share of surprises and mistakes that guests and even family members have made on the special day. Here are a few of them

Every once in awhile, I see venue mangers scrambling for extra chairs, and sometimes tables, at the last minute during some receptions. This can often be attributed to guests bringing along dates or even friends who were not actually invited. Maybe the married couple wanted to only invite close friends and family to keep the wedding intimate or perhaps the reception space is limited. There could also be budget restraints and even just one extra guest can add to the cost for the wedding couple when you add in meals, possibly drinks and other reception benefits for the guests and family. It is not a good idea to show up with a date ore friend who was not invited.  If you feel uncomfortable attending alone, ask the bride or groom to seat you at a table where there are other singles.

One of the biggest rude habits that happen at just about every wedding reception now days is how everyone is on their phone. Whether texting, answering calls or even taking photo after photo, the bride and groom more than likely have spent hours going over wedding details to create an event that all their friends and family can enjoy. It really is a shame that guests truly are not in the moment with the reception when on their phone. I wrote an earlier blog on this very subject. You can check it out here. Are cell phones taking the fun factor out of weddings and events?

If you must, take a few photos for Instagram during that amazing sunset at cocktail hour and then put your phone away during dinner… and definitely during the ceremony. After all they did hire a pro photographer.

It is true, some guests do this! It is not ok to touch or sample the wedding cake…especially with your finger. Besides being unsanitary, a wedding cake is expensive and should be only be handled by the caterer or the bride and groom. Besides, how bad would you feel if you knocked the cake over? For all those reasons, and a few more it is best not to touch the wedding cake.

For the ladies at the wedding, it is a considered bad wedding etiquette to wear white at a wedding. Many brides have planned long and hard for their moment in the spotlight as the only lady in white. So while it’s true that white looks stunning on a lady, especially in the summertime… please be kind and let the bride be the only lady in white. However, colorful tones like pinks, yellows and purples are fine and can be quite lovely as well. Oh, and just quick note that Ivory can be considered too close to white

Once the party starts going and the drinks kick in, there are also some party etiquette rules for guests interacting with the music services. Please don’t grab, or try to, grab the DJ microphone and yell into it a drunken message to the bride and groom or try to sing along with a song being played . First of all, microphones are expensive and fragile… if you drop it, you very well could damage the microphone and incur the costs for repair or replacing. Remember, the equipment is not yours and you don’t have licence to abuse it. Secondly, you actually bring down the festivities by interfering with the flow of the evening. Instead, ask the bride and groom to say a few words during speech time when the microphone will be all yours.

A big no no and one that can really shut down the festivities is leaning over the DJ with a drink in your hand. As a DJ in Vancouver, at almost every event this occurs. Guests have to be reminded that if the drink spills into to the equipment, that could be the end of the night. It will certainly be the end of a computer. Best to not try to talk to the DJ while the dancing is going on… they probably can’t hear you over the music anyway. Instead, just write down your requests on the dance song request sheet that is provided at the DJ station or speak to the DJ earlier in the evening. During cocktail or dinner hour the music is much lower in volume and the DJ is just tending the music at that time. Fewer drinks have been consumed and that is a great time to speak to the DJ about your particular dance request or even just chat.

I hope the few points mentioned above help with the weddings you are planning to attend next year. Looking back, did you break any wedding etiquette rules this year?

The Asian Wedding Reception

The Asian Wedding Reception

Perhaps some of you have been invited, and will be going, to an Asian wedding this summer …or in the near future.  It is a wonderful thing to have the blessing of experiencing different cultures, so I thought some of you might find it interesting to read about the differences in cultures as it applies to weddings.  Being as I was married in Japan and have provided services for many Asian style wedding receptions, passing along some of my observations might be helpful in preparing you for what you might expect at an Asian wedding reception.

The majority of Asian wedding receptions that I have had the pleasure of DJ-ing have been Chinese wedding receptions with more or less western nuances added.  In Asian weddings, showing respect for your parents and the guests is very important. Quite often, the bride and groom will have taken their wedding photos a week or more before the wedding day and reception. This gives them the ability to do an Asian custom of standing at the door of the reception room to greet the guests as they arrive. Sometimes, the couple will also be at the door as guests leave the reception after dinner to thank them for coming.

Food is also very important at Asian weddings, particularly at Chinese wedding receptions. There can be as many as 10 to 12 courses. In some cases, the waiters may carry the courses of food above their heads through the tables accompanied by traditional Chinese music and fan fare. This can be quite exciting with sparklers and lights.

The timing of speeches can also be quite different than in western wedding receptions. Because there are so many courses in the dinner, speeches often take place as each course is being served.  With the guests partaking in the food, drink and conversing with each other, I am not sure that anyone actually hears the speeches but it is interesting to experience.

For this DJ in Vancouver and I think for others not used to a Chinese style wedding reception, the custom of guests leaving right after dinner was quite an eye opener. I remember the first time it happened where I was Dj-ing a mixed marriage between a Caucasian lady and an Asian men. Half the guests were from Alberta and half were Asian. The Caucasian guests were quite surprised and not sure what to do when at the conclusion of dinner; the Asian guests stood up and proceeded to leave. As the waiters quickly cleared the dishes, stripped the linen from the tables and rolled the tables through the reception room to be put away, the Caucasian guests from Alberta had a shocked look on their faces. It was quite a surprise.

In the case of Japanese weddings, there are about three changes of outfits for the married couple at the reception. On our recent tour of Japan, there were numerous displays of wedding attire at the hotels we stayed. They normally had a whole department dedicated to this.

One hotel, in Hiroshima, had a chapel with the Christian cross for the wedding ceremony.  Although  there are Christian Japanese, most Japanese religious beliefs are based on Shinto or Buddhism…or both. Probably the room sometimes does have meaning for a Christian Japanese couple, but for others, it is just a trendy style in the marriage process.

Japanese wedding receptions, when done in Japan, tend to be only about two or three hours long. It can be a jam packed event with lights, karaoke, food, dress changes and entertainment… all within that two or so hours. The wedding reception can be in the day or in the evening. At the end of each wedding reception, the hotel then strips the tables and décor and is ready to go do another wedding reception within an hour, or less, of the first wedding reception. In this way, the hotel can have a number of wedding receptions in the same room on the same day. Of course this time frame usually does not apply when Japanese Canadian weddings take place here in Canada.

One thing that was great fun at some of the Taiwan weddings where I have provided DJ services is the tendency to have the married couple, sometimes with the bridal party, perform for the guests. As a Vancouver DJ who has experienced many weddings, I find this quite enjoyable. Take a look at the dance routine one Taiwanese couple performed for their guests where I had the honor of DJ-ing. Taiwanese  performance.

Throughout the world weddings still are an important part of the circle of life. If you have the opportunity to attend an Asian wedding, I think you will find that it is a wonderful, enjoyable experience.

The UBC Boathouse

The UBC Boathouse

The UBC boathouse is another lovely venue overlooking the Fraser River. The venue has the added distinction of facing west for beautiful sunsets over the water.

There is only street parking at the venue but you can pull up adjacent to the venue for the convenience of your guests. The sign at the beginning of the narrow entrance way to the venue says do not enter but it is ok to do so for loading in equipment or dropping off guests. There is no overhead protection however and so on a rainy day, an umbrella would be needed. From there, you will need to move your vehicle to the street for parking. Although the sign says only three hour parking, this does not apply for guests attending any event at the boathouse.

The entrance gate at the bottom of the ramp that leads to the entrance of the venue is a bit narrow. It was a bit difficult to get equipment through. I am not sure if it would be wide enough for a wheel chair so that is something to check on for any mobility challenged guests. As well, there are fairly prominent edges at the end of the ramps at both ends. As a DJ in Vancouver, I found cartload of equipment tends to get hung up on them.

Once inside the venue things are easier. All areas are flat including access to the bathrooms. The room holds about 150 guests but there may not be much room for a dance floor at this capacity. There are large windows all around and the sunset over the river is lovely in the summer.

The room does have a microphone for your speeches and fairly nice speakers for low background music. The speakers would not be adequate for dance music.

There is also a built in projector and screen for your slide show or video presentation. I am sure it would be hooked into the venue speakers so any audio track would be played through the in house speakers. The venue is also air conditioned however, there are a lot of open spaces and even with the air conditioning on, it was still warm. This was especially true at the beginning of the reception.

The wedding ceremony can also be conducted at the venue. It is normally held outdoors on the dock beside the venue. The ramp down to the dock is easily accessed and although long, can be navigated by any mobility challenged person. It can get quite hot on the dock for your guests. I find bringing an umbrella to shield from the sun helps. There is power available if you wish to have wedding ceremony music. I did notice the dock was quite low to the water so there may be water coming over the dock if the wind picked up. There are also planes coming in to land regularly at YVR so your wedding vows may get drowned out at some points during the ceremony.If this is a concern for you, you might ask your music service to provide a small PA and microphone for you.

UBC Boathouse works very well for an type of event. This Vancouver DJ has done everything from weddings to karaoke events and contests here. With a very nice setting and pleasant ambiance, I give this venue a 4 out of 5 stars.

The Wicklow Pub

The Wicklow Pub

The Wicklow Pub is a cozy Tudor house style pub beside the water and overlooking the desirable False Creek area.

The False creek area is a popular are to walk, bike or run in the summer and on those nice fall days when the sun is out. Foot traffic is quite busy and the pub opens its’ doors to all including dog owners. This is something I noticed right away. The patio upstairs had lots of water bowls for the dogs and shaded areas for them. Most everyone I saw was quite happy and friendly towards the dogs and they received lots of attention from the owner and other patrons. This was great because it also encouraged a very friendly atmosphere with non dog owners petting the dogs and striking up conversations with the dog owners enjoying the pub’s patio.

If you are driving, getting into the pub is not too bad. There is a roundabout where you can pull up to the front of the pub. It is a small distance for your vendors to unload equipment and load into the venue on a cart. There is no cover though in the case of a rainy day and if, on a rare occasion, there happened to be snow it might be more difficult rolling a cart across the space to the pub entrance. Probably would be best to check on that if you had mobility challenged guests.

Parking is nonexistent at the pub. There might be some two hour street parking but for a longer stay, the easy park lot would be the only option. It is a about a two and a half block walk back from the parking lot to the pub, so be prepared for that. As well, I would consider walking back to the parking lot with a friend if it is later in the evening just be on the safety side of things. There may be a noise restriction later in the evening as well. There are apartments nearby so you might like to check on how late your event could go with a DJ in Vancouver.

The pub has a number of rooms to host an event. The Marina bar downstairs can hold about 65 guests and overlooks false creek. It is indoors but the large windows are open in the summer for an airy fee to the room. There are a few stairs getting into the room but not too bad.

The other rooms are upstairs. There is no elevator so all equipment and supplies have to be carried up them to reach the upper level. The stairs would be difficult for any mobility challenged guests. The patio bar at the top of the stairs can hold about 40 guests and has a nice view of False Creek.

Across the hall, the pool room accommodates up to 40 guests as well and includes a pool table that can be covered and used for food service. There are two large screen TVs for your video or slide presentation. The large bay window gives you a nice view of false Creek as well. None of these rooms have a microphone or speakers for speeches.

Outside, is the patio area which opens up to views from the east to west of the marina and the water. Here is where you find that most people like to be on the nice summer days. There are about 48 seats on the patio and it was a pleasant experience for this Vancouver DJ to perform there. You might meet people from all over the world enjoying this area. The staff is friendly and attentive. The owner as well is very involved with the guests and has a great love for the four legged friends that guests bring by.

The Wicklow Pub is a friendly and warm venue to host any number of events. You might like to check on suitability for any mobility challenged guests but other than that, this might be good spot for your next seasonal party or summer event. I give the venue 3.5 out of 5 stars.



Barclay Manor is a great looking heritage house in the west end of Vancouver that lends itself well to smaller events.

There are a couple of great things this Vancouver DJ loves about this venue. At the rear of the house, there’s parking for vendors and the house has an elevator. This is not often a common amenity in heritage homes and is an important feature not only for your mobility bound guests but for your vendors as well. The easier it is for your vendors load in, the easier it is for them to give you their best pricing.

When I pulled into the parking lot, the limo was there but I still had plenty of room to park and load equipment on my cart. From there it was a breeze to wheel everything to the elevator and although the elevator is a little small, it was great to have one.

The elevator opens up on the second-floor and leads to the parlor room. The furniture had been moved out and made way for tables and chairs for dinner. Bride and groom had graciously set aside a spot in the Bay window so it was no problem for me to set up. The parlor room is small and in the case of this wedding, worked as a dual-purpose room for dinner and then for dancing later… after the tables were cleared out. One thing of note, the house gets very warm on a sunny day… quite hot actually. If you bring a couple fans to keep the air moving I think you’ll find it much more pleasant.  Also keep in mind that at 10 PM, staff must close all the windows and doors to due to the noise bylaw. This can really heat things up in the house especially when the dancing gets started. I have a lot of experience working venues without air-conditioning and so I did bring a fan with me… and I’m sure glad that I did.

Another thing to consider is that Berkeley Manor is L-shaped. At this wedding event, there was one dining area in the parlor room, another in the next room which is where the head table was, and adjacent to that, there was another room where tables and chairs were set up for dinner. In order to get the dinner music throughout these rooms it is advisable to have a wireless speaker addition. We can tuck a speaker in the corner of each of the other two rooms and wirelessly transmit dinner music throughout the rooms of the house. In this instance the bride and groom opted not to do that and so the dinner music was mostly in the parlor room where the DJ was.

The house has a great looking backyard. It is very nice for taking wonderful photos of the bride and groom or  lounging around the veranda. It is a courtyard and is open to the public so there were some locals who live in the area in the courtyard exercising their dogs.  if you don’t mind sharing, this was actually great for the kids as they could  play with the dogs running around.

When dinner was over and the tables and chairs were cleared there were some fun speeches and hosting by the emcee was a Scotsman. He sprinkled the festivities with lots of humor and wonderful stories of the bride and groom. He really did a great job as an MC and is another reason why always suggest the bride and groom get someone who is close them to host their event.

The parlor room has a big screen TV for showing your videos or slide shows but you have to bring your own computer or DVD player to plug into it.

Shortly thereafter we got into the dancing and the bride was so thrilled that in her testimonial she mentioned   I will treasure the memory of seeing my new husband dancing with his daughter, seeing my step son boogie to Michael Jackson (a normally fairly shy kid!) and dancing to an Aussie song at my wedding (I didn’t know if that would happen in Canada, it was an important thing and it’s an emotional moment for me :)) “

As a DJ in Vancouver If you are looking for cost effective venue that is quaint, warm and intimate for a smaller guest list. I think the Barclay Manor will fit your needs.  I give the venue a 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Deep Cove Yacht Club

Deep Cove Yacht Club

The Deep Cove Yacht Club is a well kept historic style venue with a wonderful view of the cove. It is a smaller venue that seats 85 and up to 100 guests standing.

Parking is free in the small parking lot at the venue…if you are early. However, parking is at a premium in Deep Cove area, especially on the sunny summer weekends. There are not a lot of parking spaces in the area so you definitely need to reserve a spots for your vendor, or vendors, so that they may load in equipment. Pay parking may be the only option once the venue parking is filled.

There are a few stairs to maneuver from the parking lot but if you go around the parking area, there is a flat are where you could have any mobility challenged guests go so that they could enter the venue   more easily.

Once inside the venue though there are a few more challenges for those that have walking or wheelchair issues. The bar area is flat but there are stairs to get down to the seating and dance floor area. There are only 3 stairs but they could be a challenge getting back and forth to the washrooms throughout an event for mobility challenged guests. There is only one bathroom on the main level with two more on the lower level that require walking down quite a few stairs. There are no elevators in the venue. Perhaps if you do have guests that need help getting around, this would not be the venue for you.

There is an upstairs balcony style area. I am not sure if it is ever used but it looks as if ti might be possible to access the area if space was needed for your event. Here again, there is only stair access to that area.

Once guests are in the seating and dance floor area, there is a spacious dance floor and a nice outdoor patio area with a very ice view of the cove. The DJ can be set up right beside the dance floor to maximize sound coverage, the patio is away from where your Vancouver DJ would set up so that guests could go out there it talk and mingle when the louder dance music started.

The venue does have speakers and a wired microphone for your speeches. The speakers look large enough to play background music and maybe even louder music although they may sound a bit trebly and thin. It is best to get a DJ with a professional PA to be sure and have a good balance of sound.

It also has a DVD player and big screen TV to show your video or slide presentations. I would imagine this is tied into their house PA so that any audio tracks on your video will be played so that guests can hear it.

There is no air conditioning but there are two ceiling fans and a number of floor fans around the venue. Still, on a hot summer day it can get very warm inside. Windows can be opened as well so that air circulation flows throughout the venue.

The venue has a very nice view of the boats, the cove and homes that line the coast. In the summer the sun is shaded by the mountains by about 7 PM, so this helps cut down on direct sunlight coming into the venue and the heat.

The staff is friendly and helpful. They are attentive to the guests. One thing to keep in mind is to check on how late they can go with music. There is an apartment building nearby and as I was just ending at 12 midnight. The police came by but I am not sure it was noise related.

The Deep Cove Yacht club is a bright, nice heritage style venue. Well kept and by the water, this DJ in Vancouver found it is a pleasant place to be for any event. My biggest concern is parking availability and for guests with mobility issues. I give venue 3.9 stares out of 5.

CIBO Trattoria

CIBO Trattoria

The CIBO Trattoria in downtown Vancouver on Seymour is a nice venue to host a small gathering. Intimate and warm with a nice urban feel, the restaurant is joined to the MODA hotel so that your guests can have accommodation just a few steps from the celebration at CIBO.

Of course this works as a double-edged sword in that accommodations are right at your guest’s fingertips but on the other hand, it does limit the amount of celebration that can be done as things have to get toned down at 11 PM due to the hotel rooms being above the restaurant. To be honest, it is a restaurant more than an actual party spot. Although I was not able to partake in the meal, I heard the food is excellent.

The restaurant is small. It really is not set up to have entertainment,  but this DJ in Vancouver  was able to fit a budget DJ service in the corner and we were able to get some karaoke in as well. It was a bit tight for the karaoke singers but we managed and moved the tables a bit for those that wished to dance.

Load into the restaurant for your vendor is not too bad as there is a passenger loading zone right in front of the CIBO restaurant. This is actually for the MODA hotel but I was able to stop there and load in without any difficulty. Entrance to the restaurant is right at the load in zone so it is accessible for any mobility challenged guests. Everything is on one floor as well, except entrance to the Moda hotel. There is limited parking though and I had to go to the next block into the parkade so your vendor might want to factor in a few more minutes time on getting into the venue. You will want to make sure you have an umbrella walking from the parkade back to the restaurant.

The restaurant does have a screen and overhead projector for any of your presentations as well as a house system for your speeches. It is not optimal for music, but works well for your speaking engagements.

The décor is very stylish. Art deco meets kind of a wine cellar type look. I think it has recently been updated so maybe take a look at their website by clicking on the name link in this blog.

Because the restaurant is adjacent to the MODA hotel, noise levels have to be limited but it can get loud enough for most parties up until 11 PM. However, if you have an especially rowdy group this might not be the venue for you.

As a Vancouver DJ, overall, I think the CIBO Trattoria this is a nice viable venue for smaller groups that are looking for a venue with urban chic, great food and a warm atmosphere in downtown Vancouver. It is a bit small, but I certainly think it is worth taking a look at for your next small event. I give this venue 4 out of 5 stars

Floral Hall Vandusen Gardens

Floral Hall Vandusen Gardens

Floral Hall VanDusen Gardens is another popular venue in Vancouver. VanDusen Gardens itself is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike and the Floral Hallvenue is conveniently located on the grounds. As an aside VanDusen Gardens offers wedding ceremonies conducted by the lake which are also very popular among those getting married in the spring, summer or fall. Power is available at this wedding ceremony venue so you can either bring your own boombox or have DJ set up a small PA system. As well, there is another popular wedding venue there located in the Bistro restaurant.

Although floral Hall has no air conditioning making it warm in the summer, a spring or fall event works very well for this venue. As a DJ in Vancouver, I always bring a table top fan which helps a lot in the summer when a venue is not air conditioned. You might want to consider bringing some fans if your wedding is in the summertime as well.

The Hall is a good size and about a 100 guests comfortably. With about 80 guests there is room for the head table, guest tables and a dance floor without having to move anything around.It also has a small in the ceiling PA system for your speeches but you may want to test it out to see if it meets your requirements. The MC opted to use my wireless mic as it was cleaner and had a better dynamic range through my system than the wired mic that came with the hall rental.

The Hall also has a drop-down projection screen for any videos or slideshows. I believe they also rent a projector if you need it.

The venue area, including the grounds, is non-smoking. Smokers actually have to walk up to the sidewalk on the street to smoke. This may be a little inconvenient for some of the guests but it is workable.

On the other hand, the lawn area adjacent to floral Hall is a great area for the kids to play before and during the reception. You could even bring a few lawn chairs and enjoy the evening sun. There is a garden area on the back side of the hall and although I never ventured out there, it does look very inviting through the Windows.

The front entrance to the hall does have stairs but around the side area of the hall, the patio area is flat so that any mobility challenged guests would find this way into the hall more convenient. Your Vancouver DJ will load equipment in this way as well.

The venue was also large enough to do some fun things. For example, when I was there, the fun bride and groom had the guests hula hoop to get the married couple to kiss. The longer the guest kept the hoop up, the longer the bride and groom would remain kissing. Everyone found this to be a lot of entertaining fun.

There’s lots of parking in the parking lot or on the street. However, in the summer and around Christmas time, VanDusen Gardens is super busy as tourists and locals alike visit this popular spot. At these times, the parking lot can get quite full and parking can become a problem. I believe all cars must be out of the parking lot at a certain time and cannot be left overnight but you should check on this.

The VanDusen gardens is a nice venue within Vancouver and so is quite easy for your guests to travel to. With the gardens at the same location, there is lots of beautiful scenery for your guests to take in and so it definitely is worth consideration when planning your event. I give this venue 4 out of 5 stars

Country Wedding In Abbotsford

Country Wedding In Abbotsford Review

This week, I’m going to do a review on a private venue in Abbotsford. As a DJ in Vancouver, it is not often I am called to DJ a wedding a little further out but it is always a pleasant drive and experience when it happens. This venue may go public after all renovations are completed but I don’t have to the final word on that yet. However, if you are interested in this rural venue, let me know and I will put you in touch with the owner.

This great little hall with a big country charm was actually an old barn complete with the farm animals about two months ago. With lots of work and I daresay, a fair bit of investment, the owners transformed a rundown structure that was home to horses, and all that comes with them, into a rustic and warm venue for the daughter’s wedding.

Load in for the venue is not too bad if the vendor parks to the right of the building, the road levels out and is close to the same height as the front porch of the venue. It is relatively easy to put a cart on the front porch, load items on a cart and wheel them into the venue. The main concern about this is that where the vendor has to park to get easy load in access is the only road to the parking lot. If the vendors vehicle is large, arriving guests may not be able to fit through to get to the parking area. Perhaps future plans will include a ramp to the front of the building for easy load in as well as for wheelchair access. As it stands at the time of his review, the other alternative is to pack equipment down a short stair way.

As renovations are ongoing, things may change but the first thing I noticed when I went into the venue was some wonderful hay bale coaches in the right and left alcoves of the venue. Both of these rooms were decorated with vintage photos and items, including a dated sewing machine…. very nice and inviting.

In the next portion of the building is the bar to the right and to the left is the stairs to the second floor. I’ll talk about the upper level later on in my review.

Continuing on into the first floor there is the main room. It is a bit small but will hold about 40 or 50 guests. There are ample wall outlets for power and they are spread around the room so that a vendor can be placed in any area of the room. Probably you want to make sure that your music service doesn’t bring so much equipment that it can’t fit into an 8 by 4 foot space… including the speaker stands. Being the venue is not a large room, large speakers are not necessary anyway.

The venue does not have air conditioning as of this review so if the venue does open to the public, I would imagine summer weddings in the hall will be very warm and fans would be advised.

Upstairs is a great area to either place more guests for dinner or as a change room and waiting room for the bride. The owner is into quilts and there was an example of her handiwork decorating the wall upstairs as well as some other antique items that added to the charm. From up on second-floor there is a nice view of the main room below.

There are plans to put in a patio for outdoor weddings and possibly a vineyard as well as some ponds. There is a lot of great potential and development room at the venue. It is still a work in progress to be sure but if they do go public this Vancouver DJ hopes to be there again and will update this blog with a link. I give this venue 4 out of 5 stars.

Beach Grove Golf Course Review

Beach Grove Golf Course Review

The Beach Groove Golf Course is another lovely venue tucked away off of Twelfth Street in Delta. The venue is small with perhaps a capacity for up to 100 guests and is well maintained.

Parking seems to be fine and is free, as it is at most golf courses on the lower mainland

Load in is nice and easy for your Vancouver DJ. A covered, level load in area makes it very easy for your guests and vendors to roll equipment in on a cart. For any mobility challenged guests there is an elevator to the left of the entrance that is large enough for a wheelchair.

The entrance itself is nicely decorated. Stairs are also available to the second level where events are held but as I mentioned…there is an elevator also.

The second floor has a number of smaller rooms but the main room is next to the lounge. The main room does have a built in full service bar. Washrooms are nearby and easily accessible by all guests.

Off of the main room, there is a lovely patio overlooking the golf course. Here again, the furnishings are nicely appointed and a great place for guests to enjoy the sunshine with their friends, family and spirit of choice. This Vancouver DJ found it to be one of the highlights of the room.

The buffet is set up on the dance floor and is removed for the dancing later in the evening.

The venue does have a wireless microphone and in ceiling speakers for your speeches. The in ceiling speakers would not be suitable for playing dance music dance music but for speeches, they are fine. I did not notice an in ceiling projects or screen for showing any slide shows or presentations. There is air conditioning throughout the building.

Staff and management are quite nice and attentive to guests and vendors.

This DJ in Vancouver was set up in the far right corner of the room beside the dance floor, the space us large enough for a medium sized setup, which is about all you need for this room anyway. There is only one wall plug and only one outlet of that that is available. The other outlet is being used for the lounge next door.

One thing I did notice was that the house music from the lounge next door filtered into the wedding reception while speeches were being held. I don’t know if it was possible to turn it down or off but it did not seem so as no one made an effort to do that. There is not an actual wall between the lounge and the event room but a partition. I am not sure, but that partition might be slid into the wall in order to make the room larger.

The Beach Grove Golf Club is a lovely venue with everything, and more, for any event. The venue is highly maintained and easily accessible by all. I give the Beach Grove 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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