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DJ Boogie Shoes

DJ Boogie Shoes

Known for being a fun, crowd sensitive, and knowledgeable disc jockey, DJ Gary entertains crowds as an exciting live performer internationally and as a professional Vancouver event DJ.

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center

The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center is quite a large hotel capable of hosting large and small events. As a DJ in Vancouver, I have performed here for very large events such as for the TV show Supernatural, a medium large show for Valentus and recently, a smaller event for the VCC Gemology department.

Parking is quite easy at the Sheraton. The first level is for the south tower while the second level and below is the north tower. The north tower is where check in and connecting elevators to the guest and event rooms are located. You park anywhere that is not reserved. The parking stalls are quite wide with no problem getting a van in an out. As with anywhere in Vancouver, parking is expensive. This Vancouver DJ paid $17 for a 5:30 to 11 PM stay. You pay as you leave by placing your ticket into the machine. You then have fifteen minutes to exit.

Everything is accessible by elevators and/ or ramps so there would be no problem for any of your guests with mobility issues. The elevators form the north tower parking area take you up to the lower level, where a very large ballroom is located, or to the check in desk on the upper level. Guests must then take elevators to the left of the check in desk for odd numbered floors or an elevator to the right of the check in desk for even numbered floors.

The event rooms on the third level such as to the ballroom are on the left where as the fourth floor has the smaller event rooms such as the Port McNeil room.

Just to mention, your music vendors or bands will have to sign a noise waiver. This basically states that if sound gets above 90 decibels in the ballroom, and less in the smaller rooms, your vendor will have to turn down or shut down and leave without their equipment. The same action will hold true if there are any noise complaints. Now, 90 decibels is pretty loud but it is best to check on this thoroughly to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

The smaller Port McNeil room was adequate for about 40 to 50 guests. There is enough room for a small DJ setup with space for a small dance floor. There is also room for a speaker podium should you require one.

There are in ceiling speakers for your speeches and a wired microphone for your speeches. These speakers are not suitable for dance music but would be ok for low volume background music.

There is no in ceiling projector or screen for video or slide show presentations. A portable system could be set up on the dance floor but would have to be taken down if your event was going to have any dancing.

A small buffet can also be setup at the back of the room. Staff are efficient and business like. They are not friendly but take care of the guests well and of course, there is air conditioning for summer events.

The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center has facilities for any size or type event. Parking is easy but not free and accessibility for all of your guests is straightforward. The only item I would double check is the noise waiver especially if you are having a large party or band and want it loud.

This DJ in Vancouver gives this venue a 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overlooked & Under Rated Christmas Songs

Overlooked & Under Rated Christmas Songs

Well, it will soon be that time of year again and the traditional standard Christmas songs will soon be hitting the air waves. This year, why not be a little adventurous and try playing some tunes of Christmas that many people may not have heard before.

Here is a 1953 tune that was done by the legend Louis Armstrong. I sort of a big band jazz take on this Vancouver DJ favorite time of the year. This would be a great tune to do a lip sync to at your Christmas party.

Louis Armstrong & the Commanders – ‘Zat You Santa Claus? 1953

To give you some ideas on a lip sync skit for the song, here is a take from

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Zat You Santa Claus?

Another legendary artist, Otis Redding did a R&B 1967 cover of a 1947 Johnny Moore song that I am sure most people have overlooked as a nice addition to their Christmas library. Take a listen and see if you don’t agree this tune adds a nice vibe to the Christmas spirit.

Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby

If you are looking for a blues Christmas song, you couldn’t go wrong having this song by the one and only BB King. It sure does swing and the feel and style is oh so familiar.

B.B. King – Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Keeping it in the blues vein with a raw feel, Koko Taylor has her own interpretation of Christmas songs and if you are indeed a blues fan, you’ll enjoy this one…raw and live.

Koko Taylor – Have You Heard the News

Who would have known! Cyndi Lauper put out a Latin feel Christmas song back in 2008. Being as Cyndi is a little different, so is this tune. I’m thinking if she gets together with Gloria Estefan this would be perfect for them. Anyway, check it out and get the office or family in a conga line this Christmas

Cyndi Lauper – Christmas Conga

The late great Tom Petty also did the Christmas thing with a song in true Tom Petty style. If you’re a fan, I’m sure you will get in the spirit with Tom having some fun on this one.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Christmas All Over Again

What would Christmas be without a little Christmas Hip Hop? Run DMC takes care of that rapping in this take on Christmas with a couple of friends

RUN DMC – Christmas In Hollis

This is one of my favorites. Glee was a great show with a lot of really nice remakes of modern as well as classic songs. Sung by Blaine Anderson/Darren Criss and Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel, it is in my Dj database of holiday music..

GLEE – I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas

And if you’re a fan, here are some of my favorite Glee Christmas songs!

So, as Christmas begins to get real once again this year. This DJ in Vancouver is wishing for snow for Christmas and joy to all of you as you check out some of these holiday tunes for one of the best times of the year.

The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club 2019

The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club 2019

The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club is a private club with lots of amenities. As the title says, it boasts lawn bowling, tennis courts, swimming pool as well as nice venue rooms for any occasion.  All of this is located close to hotels and shopping in Vancouver.

I had not been to the venue for awhile but right off the bat I noticed their wonderful new ramp. This is an awesome addition for not only mobility challenged guests, but for your vendors. Before this addition, everything had to be loaded up front steps, which are still there, in order to get into the building. This is great, and makes getting into the building much easier.

One thing to note is that the entrance to the driveway that is adjacent to the entrance ramp slopes down a bit steeply. Bringing equipment on a cart, or possibly a wheelchair, from the parking lot to the entrance of the ramp could cause a tip over. Your vendors and guests should be a little mindful of that.

As a Vancouver DJ, I am hoping the next thing addressed will be the parking. Right now, it is hard to find a spot as there is not enough parking for the venue. Sometime it requires a long wait and with no other alternative parking close by, it can be touch and go the get equipment into the venue efficiently. Where the venue has multiple events going on at the same time, it is almost impossible to find a parking spot. On the other hand, when you do find a parking space, it is free. This very hard thing to find in Vancouver.

Once buzzed into the club however, getting to the main room downstairs couldn’t be easier. Tastefully decorated in oak, hardwood flooring and nice carpeting, the room is spacious and comfortable. It has a fireplace, couches and a full bar. The couches can be removed when a larger group of guests are in attendance and this area has the carpeting, making it cozy in the winter. The hardwood flooring is great for dancing.

I did notice some small in ceiling speakers. These would be adequate for speeches but not for playing dance music through. Although, the speakers might be fine for background cocktail hour type music. There was no built in projector and screen that I noticed, for your video presentations.

In the summer evenings the lower room is right off of the outdoor pool. This is a great area for the guests to mingle. You could possibly even do a pool party there. Of course having the doors opening and closing to get to the pool does negate the air conditioning. The room can get quite warm in the summer if guests are opening the doors going in and out to pool area.

There are other rooms upstairs but I believe they are smaller. Getting upstairs is not difficult as there is an elevator as well as stairway access.

The staff is very attentive and will immediately take care of any concerns. They are also very good about looking after your vendors… this not always the case at other venues.

The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club has lot going for it. Being a private club allows it to have perks that other venues may not have…such as an outdoor pool adjacent to the main event room. As a full time DJ in Vancouver, I find it to be a classy and pleasant venue to hold your wedding, birthday party or seasonal party and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Some Consultation Questions about our Services

Some Consultation Questions about our Services

Every year brings new challenges in the music service industry but some consultation questions from potential clients and clients have remained constant during the more than 15 years we at Boogie Shoes DJ & Karaoke Services have been in business. From questions about our karaoke rentals to Vancouver DJ and karaoke setups, here are three that seem to surface every year.

Invariably someone every year wants to know if we can do a DJ or Karaoke setup early on the day of their event and then come back later to do the event. As much as I would like to say a blanket yes to that question, here are some factors that pose distinct challenges to doing an early setup.

One of the most worrisome about doing an early setup is who will monitor the safety of the equipment? Whether it is a restaurant, hotel or just about any location, venues are not in the slightest, interested in having their staff look after a music service vendor’s equipment. With thousands of dollars in equipment not being monitored, it is easy for a vendor to lose some expensive and crucial equipment to theft.

Another challenge is time. To go to a venue early, setup and then come back again is a lot of extra time spent at an event without remuneration. Often, a music service company has a number of events going the same day with different DJs and different locations. Sometimes extra DJs are needed to help setup a larger event and pulling them off the event, who has paid for their extra time and labor, is just not feasible. Add to that the cost of going to venue, parking, setting up, going somewhere or back home to kill time and then travelling back again for the event…you can see it as an added expense.

So, the short answer to a question of coming earl is “Yes it can be done but there will be an added cost to do so.”

Another question that seems to pop up at least a couple times a year concerns our karaoke rental service. Every once in awhile the question asked is “Can I pick up the rental karaoke machine a day early or can I return it a day later?” What they really are saying is can I do that and not pay extra. Well, no you can’t. Just as in a car rental, it is a daily rental fee. If taken for two nights, then a two day rental applies. Maybe I am missing something but I don’t know where I can take a rental of anything for two days and pay for one day. Here again, the answer is “Yes, you can take the rental a day earlier or return it a day later, if it is available, but extra charges will apply.

Rental services often seem to have a lot of extra service questions and delivery, and possibly setup, of the rental karaoke machines is another enquiry that seems to come up quite a bit. Delivery is not a problem but as with all extra services, there is an extra price to pay. I would assume someone is asking this because they don’t want to spend time driving in traffic to my location, picking up and putting the machine in their car, driving back and parking at their venue location, setting it up, tearing down the next day and driving back to my location to drop it off. As a DJ in Vancouver, I am always happy to do delivery for an extra hefty fee if I am going to do the additional labor. The karaoke rentals were intended to be a do it yourself, cheaper way to have a karaoke night. If you add more service the price gets driven up.

There you have it, three questions I answer in consultation of our services on a regular basis. I hope the answers are helpful and reveal more explanation on the thought behind our policies.

Choosing Songs For the Special Moments At Your Reception

Choosing Songs For the Special Moments At Your Reception

Choosing the right songs for your event is just as important as having a great music service. Whether the mood you want to go for is laid back or high energy, each song contributes to the ambiance you wish to achieve. Particularly at weddings, being accurate in your song choices will go a long way to helping to achieve that.

Many couples spend lots of time choosing a first dance song but are not aware that there other important moments that require great music behind them.

For example, the wedding processional is never overlooked and often favors a traditional style of music, but this Vancouver DJ finds that both bride and groom may forget about the signing ceremony between the processional and recessional parts of the ceremony. It is best to have a couple songs available to be played here. A couple of our favorites are

All of Me – John Legend

Favorite Line“‘Cause all of me loves all of you / Love your curves and all your edges / All your perfect imperfections.”

And  In My Life – The Beatles

Favorite Line: “But of all these friends and lovers / There is no one compares with you.”

Although the introduction music at the beginning of the reception is sometimes forgotten while planning your wedding, a nice up tempo tune can be chosen on the spot. Bruno Mars is always popular with “I Wanna Marry You”  or  “ Treasure” are couple favorites.

And don’t forget one of the most important ladies in every person’s life. She taught you how say please and thank you, how to use a spoon, did your laundry and helped you with your homework and for the boy who has become a man, she was the first lady you ever loved. She is your mom and having mother’s dance at your wedding is right up there with the daughter and father dance. It is one of those special moments of a wedding that everyone loves to share with the groom.

Some nice examples of mother son dance are

Through the Years – Kenny Rogers

Favorite Line: “But through the years it seems to me / I need you more and more.”

A Song For Mama – Boyz II Men

Favorite Line: “And no one else can do / What you have done for me / You’ll always be, you will always be / The girl in my life.”

God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

Favorite Line: “God only knows / what I’d be without you.”

You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins

Favorite Line: “For one so small, you seem so strong / My arms will hold you, Keep you safe and warm.”

Now finally, with all the major moments of your very special wedding reception taken care of, the last dance is an area where many couples fail to think about. It is nice to end festivities and send the guests and the happy couple away on a positive note.  Some like to end on a romantic note while others like a more up tempo fell to the end of the reception. There is no hard and fast rule on the last dance. A few suggestions

Glad You Came – The Wanted

Closing Time – Semisonic

We have only covered some the song choices for a few of the special moments of your wedding, there are many more and a great DJ in Vancouver can help you and offer suggestions on how to choose wonderful music to fit the atmosphere you want to create at your event.

Entertainment Ideas For Any Event

Entertainment Ideas For Any Event

Well here we are again, another beautiful summer slipping away and, if you are on the west coast of Canada…into the moody weather of fall. With that, attention is starting to focus on the seasonal parties that will soon be taking place. Halloween and Christmas are the biggest ones but there are lots of birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, corporate and various celebrations happening as the colder weather approaches. For organizers, party goers, venue owners or individuals looking to throw a party, event ideas are sometimes hard to come by. However, if you are looking for a few unique ways to spice up your party, here are a few good ones. In some cases you will have to be willing to make an effort, if you don’t want to pay others to do it for you, but the effort will be well worth it for a fun, unique party that will have attendees talking for days and weeks to come.

You have all heard of karaoke, but have you ever thought of combining karaoke with a professional singer? All right, most of us can’t afford a major star singer but there are quite a number of very good pro and semi pro singers right here in Vancouver that can knock your sox off. From having the singers perform a 40 minute set outright or having a more interactive element where they perform duets with your guests, it will be more cost effective than hiring a full band plus this can be incorporated with your DJ /KJ (karaoke jockey). For a more focused function like a religious event, perhaps a Christian karaoke and/or singer night would be applicable.  A younger crowd might appreciate a beat boxer. Any event incorporating this idea will be much more entertaining and easier on the ears.

Every summer, as Mr. DJ Vancouver, I see a number of street performers that are unique fun entertainers. Depending upon your guest’s taste in entertainment, you can go for the bizarre sword swallowers, fire performers, martial arts tricking, jugglers, balancing acts, amazing musicians and others. So think street performers as another option to bring the wow factor to your party.

How about dancers? Many younger and, even older, guests love to see a good break dance team. Vancouver has a wide genre of dancers. From ballroom to country line dancers and everything in between, you can find a dancer, or dancers, to fit your group’s dynamic.  An aside for the dancer idea is to have them teach a dance and then have everyone try it later in the evening. This is a great way to get the dancing started at any event or for giving away some of those Christmas prizes.

Another interesting and fun way idea for your party is to combine live instruments with your DJ. You can do that with just about any instrument as long as it is electrified, but a tenor sax really seems to work really well. While the DJ is spinning instrumental versions of popular dance hits or even some EDM, the sax player can be out there on the floor jamming along among the dancers. You might even get the audience involved by having some blow up instruments so that they are lip synching along but with fake instruments. Turn this into a fun twist and give away some more of those Christmas prizes to the guest that is the most enthusiastic on their fake instrument.

There are so many things you can do at your parties to spice them up and be unique. Here are a links to more ideas here. “Awesome tips for your holiday party” (This one works for any party not just Christmas. Some great links to Games )

Being a Vancouver DJ , I have seen a lot of parties and I know all it takes is a willingness on your part to want to make your party stand out, and possibly some elbow grease to put the ideas into action. For more ideas, contact me from my website, at 604 816 7727 or Happy Partying!

Wedding Etiquette No No

Wedding Etiquette No No

 With the winding down in sight of another busy wedding season, it might be a good time to take a look back in review at some wedding etiquette rules that this Vancouver DJ has observed over the last few wedding seasons.  Each season brings its’ own share of surprises and mistakes that guests and even family members have made on the special day. Here are a few of them

Every once in awhile, I see venue mangers scrambling for extra chairs, and sometimes tables, at the last minute during some receptions. This can often be attributed to guests bringing along dates or even friends who were not actually invited. Maybe the married couple wanted to only invite close friends and family to keep the wedding intimate or perhaps the reception space is limited. There could also be budget restraints and even just one extra guest can add to the cost for the wedding couple when you add in meals, possibly drinks and other reception benefits for the guests and family. It is not a good idea to show up with a date ore friend who was not invited.  If you feel uncomfortable attending alone, ask the bride or groom to seat you at a table where there are other singles.

One of the biggest rude habits that happen at just about every wedding reception now days is how everyone is on their phone. Whether texting, answering calls or even taking photo after photo, the bride and groom more than likely have spent hours going over wedding details to create an event that all their friends and family can enjoy. It really is a shame that guests truly are not in the moment with the reception when on their phone. I wrote an earlier blog on this very subject. You can check it out here. Are cell phones taking the fun factor out of weddings and events?

If you must, take a few photos for Instagram during that amazing sunset at cocktail hour and then put your phone away during dinner… and definitely during the ceremony. After all they did hire a pro photographer.

It is true, some guests do this! It is not ok to touch or sample the wedding cake…especially with your finger. Besides being unsanitary, a wedding cake is expensive and should be only be handled by the caterer or the bride and groom. Besides, how bad would you feel if you knocked the cake over? For all those reasons, and a few more it is best not to touch the wedding cake.

For the ladies at the wedding, it is a considered bad wedding etiquette to wear white at a wedding. Many brides have planned long and hard for their moment in the spotlight as the only lady in white. So while it’s true that white looks stunning on a lady, especially in the summertime… please be kind and let the bride be the only lady in white. However, colorful tones like pinks, yellows and purples are fine and can be quite lovely as well. Oh, and just quick note that Ivory can be considered too close to white

Once the party starts going and the drinks kick in, there are also some party etiquette rules for guests interacting with the music services. Please don’t grab, or try to, grab the DJ microphone and yell into it a drunken message to the bride and groom or try to sing along with a song being played . First of all, microphones are expensive and fragile… if you drop it, you very well could damage the microphone and incur the costs for repair or replacing. Remember, the equipment is not yours and you don’t have licence to abuse it. Secondly, you actually bring down the festivities by interfering with the flow of the evening. Instead, ask the bride and groom to say a few words during speech time when the microphone will be all yours.

A big no no and one that can really shut down the festivities is leaning over the DJ with a drink in your hand. As a DJ in Vancouver, at almost every event this occurs. Guests have to be reminded that if the drink spills into to the equipment, that could be the end of the night. It will certainly be the end of a computer. Best to not try to talk to the DJ while the dancing is going on… they probably can’t hear you over the music anyway. Instead, just write down your requests on the dance song request sheet that is provided at the DJ station or speak to the DJ earlier in the evening. During cocktail or dinner hour the music is much lower in volume and the DJ is just tending the music at that time. Fewer drinks have been consumed and that is a great time to speak to the DJ about your particular dance request or even just chat.

I hope the few points mentioned above help with the weddings you are planning to attend next year. Looking back, did you break any wedding etiquette rules this year?

The Asian Wedding Reception

The Asian Wedding Reception

Perhaps some of you have been invited, and will be going, to an Asian wedding this summer …or in the near future.  It is a wonderful thing to have the blessing of experiencing different cultures, so I thought some of you might find it interesting to read about the differences in cultures as it applies to weddings.  Being as I was married in Japan and have provided services for many Asian style wedding receptions, passing along some of my observations might be helpful in preparing you for what you might expect at an Asian wedding reception.

The majority of Asian wedding receptions that I have had the pleasure of DJ-ing have been Chinese wedding receptions with more or less western nuances added.  In Asian weddings, showing respect for your parents and the guests is very important. Quite often, the bride and groom will have taken their wedding photos a week or more before the wedding day and reception. This gives them the ability to do an Asian custom of standing at the door of the reception room to greet the guests as they arrive. Sometimes, the couple will also be at the door as guests leave the reception after dinner to thank them for coming.

Food is also very important at Asian weddings, particularly at Chinese wedding receptions. There can be as many as 10 to 12 courses. In some cases, the waiters may carry the courses of food above their heads through the tables accompanied by traditional Chinese music and fan fare. This can be quite exciting with sparklers and lights.

The timing of speeches can also be quite different than in western wedding receptions. Because there are so many courses in the dinner, speeches often take place as each course is being served.  With the guests partaking in the food, drink and conversing with each other, I am not sure that anyone actually hears the speeches but it is interesting to experience.

For this DJ in Vancouver and I think for others not used to a Chinese style wedding reception, the custom of guests leaving right after dinner was quite an eye opener. I remember the first time it happened where I was Dj-ing a mixed marriage between a Caucasian lady and an Asian men. Half the guests were from Alberta and half were Asian. The Caucasian guests were quite surprised and not sure what to do when at the conclusion of dinner; the Asian guests stood up and proceeded to leave. As the waiters quickly cleared the dishes, stripped the linen from the tables and rolled the tables through the reception room to be put away, the Caucasian guests from Alberta had a shocked look on their faces. It was quite a surprise.

In the case of Japanese weddings, there are about three changes of outfits for the married couple at the reception. On our recent tour of Japan, there were numerous displays of wedding attire at the hotels we stayed. They normally had a whole department dedicated to this.

One hotel, in Hiroshima, had a chapel with the Christian cross for the wedding ceremony.  Although  there are Christian Japanese, most Japanese religious beliefs are based on Shinto or Buddhism…or both. Probably the room sometimes does have meaning for a Christian Japanese couple, but for others, it is just a trendy style in the marriage process.

Japanese wedding receptions, when done in Japan, tend to be only about two or three hours long. It can be a jam packed event with lights, karaoke, food, dress changes and entertainment… all within that two or so hours. The wedding reception can be in the day or in the evening. At the end of each wedding reception, the hotel then strips the tables and décor and is ready to go do another wedding reception within an hour, or less, of the first wedding reception. In this way, the hotel can have a number of wedding receptions in the same room on the same day. Of course this time frame usually does not apply when Japanese Canadian weddings take place here in Canada.

One thing that was great fun at some of the Taiwan weddings where I have provided DJ services is the tendency to have the married couple, sometimes with the bridal party, perform for the guests. As a Vancouver DJ who has experienced many weddings, I find this quite enjoyable. Take a look at the dance routine one Taiwanese couple performed for their guests where I had the honor of DJ-ing. Taiwanese  performance.

Throughout the world weddings still are an important part of the circle of life. If you have the opportunity to attend an Asian wedding, I think you will find that it is a wonderful, enjoyable experience.

The UBC Boathouse

The UBC Boathouse

The UBC boathouse is another lovely venue overlooking the Fraser River. The venue has the added distinction of facing west for beautiful sunsets over the water.

There is only street parking at the venue but you can pull up adjacent to the venue for the convenience of your guests. The sign at the beginning of the narrow entrance way to the venue says do not enter but it is ok to do so for loading in equipment or dropping off guests. There is no overhead protection however and so on a rainy day, an umbrella would be needed. From there, you will need to move your vehicle to the street for parking. Although the sign says only three hour parking, this does not apply for guests attending any event at the boathouse.

The entrance gate at the bottom of the ramp that leads to the entrance of the venue is a bit narrow. It was a bit difficult to get equipment through. I am not sure if it would be wide enough for a wheel chair so that is something to check on for any mobility challenged guests. As well, there are fairly prominent edges at the end of the ramps at both ends. As a DJ in Vancouver, I found cartload of equipment tends to get hung up on them.

Once inside the venue things are easier. All areas are flat including access to the bathrooms. The room holds about 150 guests but there may not be much room for a dance floor at this capacity. There are large windows all around and the sunset over the river is lovely in the summer.

The room does have a microphone for your speeches and fairly nice speakers for low background music. The speakers would not be adequate for dance music.

There is also a built in projector and screen for your slide show or video presentation. I am sure it would be hooked into the venue speakers so any audio track would be played through the in house speakers. The venue is also air conditioned however, there are a lot of open spaces and even with the air conditioning on, it was still warm. This was especially true at the beginning of the reception.

The wedding ceremony can also be conducted at the venue. It is normally held outdoors on the dock beside the venue. The ramp down to the dock is easily accessed and although long, can be navigated by any mobility challenged person. It can get quite hot on the dock for your guests. I find bringing an umbrella to shield from the sun helps. There is power available if you wish to have wedding ceremony music. I did notice the dock was quite low to the water so there may be water coming over the dock if the wind picked up. There are also planes coming in to land regularly at YVR so your wedding vows may get drowned out at some points during the ceremony.If this is a concern for you, you might ask your music service to provide a small PA and microphone for you.

UBC Boathouse works very well for an type of event. This Vancouver DJ has done everything from weddings to karaoke events and contests here. With a very nice setting and pleasant ambiance, I give this venue a 4 out of 5 stars.

The Wicklow Pub

The Wicklow Pub

The Wicklow Pub is a cozy Tudor house style pub beside the water and overlooking the desirable False Creek area.

The False creek area is a popular are to walk, bike or run in the summer and on those nice fall days when the sun is out. Foot traffic is quite busy and the pub opens its’ doors to all including dog owners. This is something I noticed right away. The patio upstairs had lots of water bowls for the dogs and shaded areas for them. Most everyone I saw was quite happy and friendly towards the dogs and they received lots of attention from the owner and other patrons. This was great because it also encouraged a very friendly atmosphere with non dog owners petting the dogs and striking up conversations with the dog owners enjoying the pub’s patio.

If you are driving, getting into the pub is not too bad. There is a roundabout where you can pull up to the front of the pub. It is a small distance for your vendors to unload equipment and load into the venue on a cart. There is no cover though in the case of a rainy day and if, on a rare occasion, there happened to be snow it might be more difficult rolling a cart across the space to the pub entrance. Probably would be best to check on that if you had mobility challenged guests.

Parking is nonexistent at the pub. There might be some two hour street parking but for a longer stay, the easy park lot would be the only option. It is a about a two and a half block walk back from the parking lot to the pub, so be prepared for that. As well, I would consider walking back to the parking lot with a friend if it is later in the evening just be on the safety side of things. There may be a noise restriction later in the evening as well. There are apartments nearby so you might like to check on how late your event could go with a DJ in Vancouver.

The pub has a number of rooms to host an event. The Marina bar downstairs can hold about 65 guests and overlooks false creek. It is indoors but the large windows are open in the summer for an airy fee to the room. There are a few stairs getting into the room but not too bad.

The other rooms are upstairs. There is no elevator so all equipment and supplies have to be carried up them to reach the upper level. The stairs would be difficult for any mobility challenged guests. The patio bar at the top of the stairs can hold about 40 guests and has a nice view of False Creek.

Across the hall, the pool room accommodates up to 40 guests as well and includes a pool table that can be covered and used for food service. There are two large screen TVs for your video or slide presentation. The large bay window gives you a nice view of false Creek as well. None of these rooms have a microphone or speakers for speeches.

Outside, is the patio area which opens up to views from the east to west of the marina and the water. Here is where you find that most people like to be on the nice summer days. There are about 48 seats on the patio and it was a pleasant experience for this Vancouver DJ to perform there. You might meet people from all over the world enjoying this area. The staff is friendly and attentive. The owner as well is very involved with the guests and has a great love for the four legged friends that guests bring by.

The Wicklow Pub is a friendly and warm venue to host any number of events. You might like to check on suitability for any mobility challenged guests but other than that, this might be good spot for your next seasonal party or summer event. I give the venue 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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