Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center

The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center is quite a large hotel capable of hosting large and small events. As a DJ in Vancouver, I have performed here for very large events such as for the TV show Supernatural, a medium large show for Valentus and recently, a smaller event for the VCC Gemology department.

Parking is quite easy at the Sheraton. The first level is for the south tower while the second level and below is the north tower. The north tower is where check in and connecting elevators to the guest and event rooms are located. You park anywhere that is not reserved. The parking stalls are quite wide with no problem getting a van in an out. As with anywhere in Vancouver, parking is expensive. This Vancouver DJ paid $17 for a 5:30 to 11 PM stay. You pay as you leave by placing your ticket into the machine. You then have fifteen minutes to exit.

Everything is accessible by elevators and/ or ramps so there would be no problem for any of your guests with mobility issues. The elevators form the north tower parking area take you up to the lower level, where a very large ballroom is located, or to the check in desk on the upper level. Guests must then take elevators to the left of the check in desk for odd numbered floors or an elevator to the right of the check in desk for even numbered floors.

The event rooms on the third level such as to the ballroom are on the left where as the fourth floor has the smaller event rooms such as the Port McNeil room.

Just to mention, your music vendors or bands will have to sign a noise waiver. This basically states that if sound gets above 90 decibels in the ballroom, and less in the smaller rooms, your vendor will have to turn down or shut down and leave without their equipment. The same action will hold true if there are any noise complaints. Now, 90 decibels is pretty loud but it is best to check on this thoroughly to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

The smaller Port McNeil room was adequate for about 40 to 50 guests. There is enough room for a small DJ setup with space for a small dance floor. There is also room for a speaker podium should you require one.

There are in ceiling speakers for your speeches and a wired microphone for your speeches. These speakers are not suitable for dance music but would be ok for low volume background music.

There is no in ceiling projector or screen for video or slide show presentations. A portable system could be set up on the dance floor but would have to be taken down if your event was going to have any dancing.

A small buffet can also be setup at the back of the room. Staff are efficient and business like. They are not friendly but take care of the guests well and of course, there is air conditioning for summer events.

The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center has facilities for any size or type event. Parking is easy but not free and accessibility for all of your guests is straightforward. The only item I would double check is the noise waiver especially if you are having a large party or band and want it loud.

This DJ in Vancouver gives this venue a 4.5 out of 5 stars

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