Do your services come with lighting?

Yes, both the budget and regular services have lighting included and more lighting can be added if you require.

Are we able to meet you for a face to face consultation?

The regular services and above include a face to face consultation within 30 minutes of my location. The budget services come with a phone consultation.

Do you require a deposit to secure the bookings for your packages?

Yes, a signed contract and retainer is required to secure your date.

Is karaoke only available as an add on to DJ services? Can we have that service by itself?

Yes, karaoke can be the dominant service. The DJ music is always included in the regular package just in case guests want to dance.

Are we able to choose our songs?

In all wedding packages you are able to choose your cocktail and dinner music ( budget package is limited to two choices to choose from ) entrance, cake cutting, first dances. In the regular and above packages, you may choose those songs as well as songs you do not want to hear, guests arrival, cocktail and dinner music ( not limited ) and your dance music. For other events, the same choices are available where it applies to the event.

Do you have a playlist on your site where we can choose our songs?

No we do not. The reason is that we have 20,000 songs in our database and with the streaming capability of the regular service, we can acquire just about any English North American song you require. We also have a selection of multicultural music and karaoke. If a client has eclectic tastes or requires a particular song, multicultural or otherwise, we will work with the client to obtain the music required.

Do you have screens and projectors?

Yes, we do. We also have extra PA equipment, wireless microphones, lighting, wireless capability for speakers.