The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club 2019

The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club is a private club with lots of amenities. As the title says, it boasts lawn bowling, tennis courts, swimming pool as well as nice venue rooms for any occasion.  All of this is located close to hotels and shopping in Vancouver.

I had not been to the venue for awhile but right off the bat I noticed their wonderful new ramp. This is an awesome addition for not only mobility challenged guests, but for your vendors. Before this addition, everything had to be loaded up front steps, which are still there, in order to get into the building. This is great, and makes getting into the building much easier.

One thing to note is that the entrance to the driveway that is adjacent to the entrance ramp slopes down a bit steeply. Bringing equipment on a cart, or possibly a wheelchair, from the parking lot to the entrance of the ramp could cause a tip over. Your vendors and guests should be a little mindful of that.

As a DJ, I am hoping the next thing addressed will be the parking. Right now, it is hard to find a spot as there is not enough parking for the venue. Sometime it requires a long wait and with no other alternative parking close by, it can be touch and go the get equipment into the venue efficiently. Where the venue has multiple events going on at the same time, it is almost impossible to find a parking spot. On the other hand, when you do find a parking space, it is free. This very hard thing to find in Vancouver.

Once buzzed into the club however, getting to the main room downstairs couldn’t be easier. Tastefully decorated in oak, hardwood flooring and nice carpeting, the room is spacious and comfortable. It has a fireplace, couches and a full bar. The couches can be removed when a larger group of guests are in attendance and this area has the carpeting, making it cozy in the winter. The hardwood flooring is great for dancing.

I did notice some small in ceiling speakers. These would be adequate for speeches but not for playing dance music through. Although, the speakers might be fine for background cocktail hour type music. There was no built in projector and screen that I noticed, for your video presentations.

In the summer evenings the lower room is right off of the outdoor pool. This is a great area for the guests to mingle. You could possibly even do a pool party there. Of course having the doors opening and closing to get to the pool does negate the air conditioning. The room can get quite warm in the summer if guests are opening the doors going in and out to pool area.

There are other rooms upstairs but I believe they are smaller. Getting upstairs is not difficult as there is an elevator as well as stairway access.

The staff is very attentive and will immediately take care of any concerns. They are also very good about looking after your vendors… this not always the case at other venues.

The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club has lot going for it. Being a private club allows it to have perks that other venues may not have…such as an outdoor pool adjacent to the main event room. As a full time DJ, I find it to be a classy and pleasant venue to hold your wedding, birthday party or seasonal party and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.