Even though the summer season is nearly over, there are still many great parties to be had and more DJs to be hired. As we head out of the wedding season and more into party mode for the upcoming Halloween, Christmas and personal party months ahead, I thought it would be beneficial to have a few great  tips on things to think about when hiring your next DJ.

One of the first things I always recommend is that you do make time to meet with your prospective DJ. I know everyone is busy and it is sometimes hard to find time but getting a feel for the music service you are thinking to retain is always a good idea. It helps you to see if they are nice fit. For example, if you are a hands on type of person, is the DJ willing to follow your directions and even play the playlist that you provide right down to the order that you want the music played. You may be looking for ideas and ways to make your event, unique and more fun than last year’s  same old party. Can the DJ offer you ideas and tips in order to raise the bar on your function?  If you personally like the DJ you feel more comfortable working with them.

Another reason to meet your DJ is to see how they are dressed for your meeting. Although a shirt and tie would might overdoing it, The DJ should be clean, neat and well groomed. This a business meeting for the DJ and they should take it seriously. So clean nice jeans and nice shirt. and if appropriate, dress shoes. You want to make sure the DJ you hire will not embarrass  with their attire at the event. If in doubt, you can always ask the DJ what they will be wearing at  the event. Oh, and be sure to let the DJ know if there are any special dress requirements of the venue…such as a suit jacket.

Also notice if your DJ arrives early for the meeting. That is a good sign as it shows they are conscientious  and are trying to make a good impression. It also shows that they are more than likely going to be at your event early and ready to go at contract time. It also lets you know that they want the job.

With that being said, It would be advisable  to have some give and take on this. If the DJ calls you and lets you know  they will be late and has a good reason, you might like to be forgiving  in this instance.  Sometimes emergencies do happen and taking things into consideration, within reason, helps everyone.

A big third on my list is how organized is the DJ. If they come with a loose idea of how your night might sound like as far as the music is concerned, you might just get that type of a rambling event. Your possible DJ should come with an organized checklist of how the event might go… music wise. Part of the DJs job is to help you put the music portion of your function together…what type of music might work,   when and in what order might it work best in the time frame of your event. A written outline will make the music portion of your event run smoothly with no surprises. A checklist  gives you the basis on which  to start choosing your music and puts it in order for you.

These three points are great way to assess your possible DJ at your first meeting and if you keep them in mind, you will be well on your way to choosing a DJ that is right for you.