I am always meeting with potential clients throughout the year and while many of them are well informed and asking a lot of great questions, here are three common items that are often overlooked or misunderstood in the process of interviewing a DJ.

Vancouver is west coast city that has a relaxed dress approach that suits the active life style that many people who live here have. From sweaters to jeans or hoodies, it is all good…except when it comes to semi formal or formal events such as parties and weddings.

Although it may be ok for the guests to dress casually…and I have been the DJ at some weddings where some guests were fully at home with the west coast style, it is not ok for your DJ to dress that way. Although your DJ will perhaps dress comfortably for setting up and taking equipment down, before and after your event, the actual event does require a level of attire compatible with the formality that your function requires. There are still plenty of DJs out there that still don’t get this so it is a good idea to ask what your DJ will wear to your function or let them know what you require in that department. A professional DJ will have a number of dress options available in their closet.

Another misconception that clients may have about their DJ is the type of equipment they have. Although it is important to have the right tools for the job and correct equipment for a mobile DJ, you should not get caught up in QSC this and Pioneer that. You don’t want your DJ to come to your event with a consumer stereo system but you do want them to be able to provide what is needed for your function. If you have a very large guest list, 300 or more, or a young crowd, you may want the DJ to include a larger speaker set up that is able to handle your requirements as well as the right DJ gear, music and / or karaoke. In the end it is what the DJ does that counts and not just the equipment. After all, do you think Celine Dion, Ariana Grande or Christina Aguilera have great voices because of the type of microphone they use?

DJs that have been around for awhile can provide other services such as Emcee services, projectors and screens, karaoke, game ideas and hosts… or any number of items. They also have contacts to other services such as photographers, videographers, photo booths and even event planners. It is a good idea to not assume that a DJ can only do music. This is important to you as a DJ can save you a lot of footwork in trying to locate these services. As well, a DJ will only send you to good quality vendors as they want to keep their name good with you… so this is a big help. A DJ may even be able to get you some discounts on extra services that you might need due to their relationships with these vendors that they have nurtured over the  years. So, if you need something, put that question to your DJ as well. We are here to help.

These are just three examples of some things that may be overlooked when searching for your Vancouver DJ. Give us a call 604 816 7727 or drop us an email gary@djboogieshoes.com for more tips, suggestions and information.