So the day has finally arrived!  After wading through countless websites, testimonials and meetings, you have finally found the one…your DJ that is. So now it is time to firm up the deal and commit to the DJ you feel best represents you. What better way to do that than the time honored hand shake?  Whoa… best take a step back and look at that.

It does amaze me how many individuals, and even some Vancouver businesses, shy away from wanting to sign the most basic of agreements…the contract. Although is a bit mundane in the process of hiring a DJ, there are good reasons to have a signed contract with your DJ or KJ for your event and I will outline a few of them here.

First of all, you want your DJ to show up! Without a contract there is no commitment. There is nothing stopping your DJ from saying they will DJ your event and then cancelling  on you at the last minute because they got a gig that pays more. It is not a very happy experience to have that happen on the eve of your event. I do get a number of panic calls every year where this does actually does take place and it is stressful, sometimes to the point of tears, for the client.

On the reverse side of the coin there is also nothing stopping the client from also cancelling on the DJ as well. If you are the type of person that does not mind that uncertainty, then by all mean go without a contract. As a business person, I would not commit a date to a client, or other business, that has that mindset. It is unprofessional and tells me that their event is not that important to them and consequently my services are not that important  to the success of their event.

Another very good reason to have a contract is that it spells out in black and white what the obligations of each party are. How many hours the event will be, the equipment and service that will be provided, pricing, and the requirements of the client are just some of the things detailed in a contract. Both parties know where they will be on a certain date and what is expected of them. It minimizes surprises and is one of the organizational tools that help the any function flow smoothly and reliably.

It is also legally binding. If a dispute arises, it spells out the rights of each party. If you can get a refund, or the deposit back are some of the factors that are outlined in the contract. It is one of the factors that provide  just a bit more incentive for your DJ to do the best job they can and to provide what they say they will provide. It stops the “he said”, “she said” argument  dead in its’ tracks and brings civility to a disagreement.

These are a few of the reasons a contract is a necessity when conducting business. When looking at hiring any type of vendor for your event or business, you want reliability, professionalism and competency so that your requirements are met and your function runs as smoothly as possible. It protects both parties to the agreement.  A contract is one of the ways this can be achieved and every Vancouver DJ should be using one.