Often times at events there are a number of things that can happen that clients most often are not aware of. As a DJ and owner of Boogie Shoes DJ & Karaoke Services, I always like to be one step ahead of any potential occurrences that can disrupt the smooth execution of the music for a function.

Quite often, a client will want to do a slide or video presentation but will forget about how the audio to their presentation will be heard by their guests. One of the things that we do, free of charge, is a nice little service where we actually bring a 20 foot cable that will allow you to run audio from your slide or video show into our mini board. This allows your soundtrack to run through our system so that everyone can hear it. The audio from your presentation always has a better impact when it is running through our clear, powerful and professional speakers and it is just one extra thing that our clients do not have to worry about

A couple of things we always like to caution clients on are two items that can disrupt the musical performance severely. We have decided, as a policy, they are items we don’t feel is something we like to do. One is that sometimes a guest may come with a CD ( not so much anymore) or a USB stick that they want to plug into the computer. We’re very cautious about that because the CD or stick can cause a system crash or introduce viruses into the computer. In the case of improperly formatted media and a system crash, we have to shut down and then we have dead air space for five minutes or however long it takes to reboot the system. This is not a good thing to have happen and a DJ should avoid this. In the case of a virus being introduced into the system by media from a guest, this can be a lot more serious. We don’t plug anything extra into the computer. We get all of your requested music three weeks before your event and have it ready to go in the proper format for our software by the contracted day of your event. This way, we avoid any unexpected glitches. For additional options concerning music at your event, we do have streaming capabilities to add the already 20,000 plus songs we have in our DJ database.    

We also don’t bring along a cable for any iPods or iPhones and we prefer not to plug those into the system.  We have found that what has happened is a guest, or maybe a relative, has come along with his iPod or iPhone and said, look I’ve got all the great songs that I like to hear on my iPhone or iPod, can we plug it into your board… and then first thing you know they’ve hijacked your event. All the wonderful music that you wanted to hear is now your guest’s, it’s their  playlist and they are not even paying us. It is much easier not to plug those into our system than try to get them out after the fact. So, we like to avoid those types of things, and prefer not to plug in the iPod or iPhones so that we don’t even have to go there

These are a few tips that help to keep an event your event, running smoothly and memorable for you.  There are a lot of other areas of the event that we have the experience and knowledge to help you with your event so that it runs trouble free. Give us a call and see how we can help