Stanley Park Pavilion is located in the heart of world-famous Stanley Park. It is fairly easy to drive to, just follow the signs. When you pull up to the building, you will notice it is a well kept older building and there is a lot of history connected to the building.

stanley park pavilion

There is actually parking in front of the building but to be honest, it can be very difficult to get a spot there as the park is a very popular tourist destination. There is parking on the other side of the building with a short two or three-minute walk from there to the pavilion. Parking is around $20 for the day.

stanley park pavilion parking

Getting into the venue is convenient for mobility challenged guests. The sidewalk is ramped although a little uneven from the parking lot. Once past that area though, the walkway is smooth into the front door and throughout the venue. 

stanley park pavillion vancouver bc

stanley park pavillion venue entrance

The views from the building and the surrounding lawn are quite nice (check out my review of The Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club). Summer and early fall of course are the most scenic. For those of you thinking of having your wedding ceremony outside, there is a beautiful area adjacent to the venue where the exchange of vows is often performed.

exterior scenery of Stanley Park Pavillion

When you enter the venue, you walk into the outer room. This is where the bar is located and where most often, the cocktail hour is held. Often appetizers are served here and guests mingle before entering into the main room. One very important point to note is that, most often, your entertainment is set up in the main room and they close the doors to that area while the reception for your guests is taking place. If you wish to have entertainment, music, etc., you should be aware that you will have to make arrangements for your band or DJ to set up in the outer room or else you will not be able to hear them from the main room where they normally set up. The only other alternative is to leave the doors open to the main room and that is frowned upon as the staff will be setting up for dinner in the main room. You could also have the house play music.

stanley park wedding venue

stanley park pavillion wedding venue

The main room is where the dinner and dancing take place. It is not a huge room and maxes out at around 180 guests. This is adequate for most events. Another point to note is that the house system in that room is not very good. For speeches, you may need to use your entertainment’s PA system and microphone. If using a wireless microphone, make sure to have your DJ or band provide a professional  Shure SM 58 wireless system or something equivalent. The reception in that room for wireless systems is poor and with anything less you may have dropouts when speaking on the microphone, which can be annoying. The room is air-conditioned in the summer during dinner but they often turn it off when the dancing starts and open up the doors to the outside which may or may not work for you. 

stanley park pavilion wedding

I give the Stanley Park Pavilion 4.5 stars out of 5. Having the main room and outer room separate can add a bit more expensive if you want to have entertainment during the reception part of your event. Parking is limited close to the building, especially during summer, and although there is parking a few minutes away, it can be a wet dash to the venue if it is raining. 

The venue has a beautiful setting however and being in world-famous Stanley Park does have its’ perks.

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