There is an increasing demand for DJ and Karaoke services in Vancouver. But with the increasing number of so called DJs it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose for your wedding. In this article we will take a look at some important points that can help you choose your DJ for your special occasion:
  • Written contracts: Does the DJ service offer written contracts for the services they promise to provide? Offering written contracts assures quality in their services and establishes a proper agreement between the client and the vendor. Try to find one that offers contracts.
  • Backup equipment: Accidents can happen anytime, they are not a subject to invitations on your special day. In case there is some emergency, does the DJ service have a contingency plan? Do they have a backup DJ or backup equipment in case of technical problems? As these questions clearly when making deal with the DJ service provider.
  • Meet the DJ beforehand: It is a good idea to meet the DJ for the occasion in advance. It will help you get to know whom you are dealing with, plus you can also share the kind of music you would like them to play so that they can make the necessary preparations for the same. If you don’t meet the DJ and they do not have with them what you want then it can spoil the mood. Moreover, you can also negotiate the price in person and accept or reject someone based on your findings.
  • Experience in the DJ business: Experience always matters, even if it is the DJ business. A veteran DJ will make your special occasion the most memorable one with their experience in such events. They are prepared for all changes and any unexpected requests can be handled easily. They will have high standards of quality and will use their skills to make the occasion awesome.
  • Check the equipment they use: When a DJ invests a lot of money into their equipment they are dedicated and passionate towards their work. As a result they will ensure that they provide the best quality services during the event. Ask them about their equipment and if they tell you about everything with passion then you have the right person for the job.
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