Driving into the Northview Golf and Country Club is a pleasant experience. After turning off the main road you are welcomed into the nicely manicured and green grounds. There were a lot of nice touches to the area. Lots of fresh flowers in the summer and a number of man-made waterfalls are part of the core.

For example. There is a wonderful little waterfall before the main entrance surrounded by flowers in the summer and is a unique feature that invites you to walk back for a second look when you get out of your vehicle at the main entrance.

Speaking of, the main entrance to this country club is spacious, well lit and very clean. It is well covered in case of rain in and the flat surface makes it very easy for your vendors to load in. This is also very convenient for your wheelchair-bound guests. During the day, the reception desk library cheerful and helpful staff. Another convenient option for your vendors bringing in equipment or even for yourself with items is the ability to load in further down from the main entrance via the balcony. This is located at the street level and allows you to Park your car so that it does not block the main entrance. This also works well at the end of the evening when everyone is trying to get out of the main entrance.

northview golf club waterfall at entrance

The main room is to the left and quite large. It has a very big and inviting dance floor and the room is surrounded on two sides by full floor to ceiling windows. They give a wonderful panoramic view of the golf course. The huge water fountain shooting a stream of water into the air from a man-made lake is the focal point.

northview golf course and country club

 In the evening, the setting sun on the man-made lake water fountain is an impressive and beautiful view. As well, the evening Sun flying into the room creates a soft lighting effect it can get quite warm in the room in the evening, but the venue does have air conditioning as well as full-length retractable blinds that you can adjust as you like. There is also a spacious balcony off of the main room where you can enjoy the wine we drink.

northview golf club

The venue does have a better speaker set up than I normally see at most venues. However, I would not recommend them for your dancing music. For speeches they are great. There is also some lighting in the room for your dance floor I would still recommend that your DJ or entertainment bring their own lighting is lighting provided is minimal. I might also mention there is a nice grand piano in the room for any performances or if you want to have live dinner music. (The area reminded me a lot of my time at the Country Meadows Golf Club)

wedding reception at northview golf and country club

Buffet usually set up in the foyer in front of the main room. It is quite a spacious area and easy for guests to serve themselves.

A very nice perk of this venue is the wonderful wedding ceremony area across from the main entrance. In keeping with the theme of the venue, there is a nice man-made waterfall leading up the steps to the wedding ceremony area. The ceremony area is surrounded by trees, flowers and greenery are great for taking pictures after the ceremony. Also, to the left, there is a paved pathway to the wedding ceremony area. Your DJ can wheel equipment up the staff or it can also be used as access for your mobility challenged guests.

northview country club steps and water fall

 One thing to be aware of, is sometimes the carpet is laid down the long walkway, as was in the case when I was there. In this case, it was adorned with rose petals, so it was hard to get to the guest seating area without walking on the wedding runway. The ramp-up to the wedding ceremony area also runs for the signing ceremony gazebo and table. It might be worthwhile to get your seat early if you have to use this route to get to your chair. During my time there, I carried equipment up the stairs to the DJ table at the back. Another plus is that there is power for any equipment that you need in case your DJ service does not have a battery-powered system as we do.

northview golf course wedding

All in all, Northview Golf and country club is a pretty and complete venue. With dedicated and nicely adorned areas for both your wedding reception and wedding ceremony, this venue has a nice, relaxed, fresh ambience with all the amenities. I rate this venue 4.9 out of five.

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