The Wicklow Pub

The Wicklow Pub is a cozy Tudor house style pub beside the water and overlooking the desirable False Creek area.

The False Creek area is a popular area to walk, bike, or run in the summer and on those nice fall days when the sun is out. Foot traffic is quite busy and the pub opens its’ doors to all including dog owners. This is something I noticed right away. The patio upstairs had lots of water bowls for the dogs and shaded areas for them. Most everyone I saw was quite happy and friendly towards the dogs and they received lots of attention from the owner and other patrons. This was great because it also encouraged a very friendly atmosphere with non-dog owners petting the dogs and striking up conversations with the dog owners enjoying the pub’s patio.

The Wicklow Pub boardwalk

If you are driving, getting into the pub is not too bad. There is a roundabout where you can pull up to the front of the pub. It is a small distance for your vendors to unload equipment and load into the venue on a cart. There is no cover though in the case of a rainy day and if on a rare occasion, there happened to be snow it might be more difficult rolling a cart across space to the pub entrance. Probably would be best to check on that if you had mobility challenged guests.

Exterior of the Wicklow Pub

Unlike other venues, such as The Arbutus Club, Parking is nonexistent at the pub. There might be some two-hour street parking but for a longer stay, the easy park lot would be the only option. It is about a two and a half block walk back from the parking lot to the pub, so be prepared for that. As well, I would consider walking back to the parking lot with a friend if it is later in the evening just be on the safe side of things. There may be a noise restriction later in the evening as well. There are apartments nearby so you might like to check on how late your event could go with a DJ.

Wicklow Pub parking lot

The pub has a number of rooms to host an event. The Marina bar downstairs can hold about 65 guests and overlooks the false creek. It is indoors but the large windows are open in the summer for an airy feel to the room. There are a few stairs getting into the room but not too bad. I couldn’t help but remember my time at the Fortune Sound Club.

The other rooms are upstairs. There is no elevator so all equipment and supplies have to be carried up to reach the upper level. The stairs would be difficult for any mobility challenged guests. The patio bar at the top of the stairs can hold about 40 guests and has a nice view of False Creek.

Staircase inside the Wicklow Pub

Across the hall, the pool room accommodates up to 40 guests as well and includes a pool table that can be covered and used for food service. There are two large screen TVs for your video or slide presentation. The large bay window gives you a nice view of False Creek as well. None of these rooms have a microphone or speakers for speeches.

Outside, is the patio area which opens up to views from the east to west of the marina and the water. Here is where you find that most people like to be on the nice summer days. There are about 48 seats on the patio and it was a pleasant experience for me to perform there. You might meet people from all over the world enjoying this area. The staff is friendly and attentive. The owner as well is very involved with the guests and has a great love for the four-legged friends that guests bring by.

View of False Creek from the Wicklow Pub

The Wicklow Pub is a friendly and warm venue to host any number of events, including a karaoke night. You might like to check on suitability for any mobility challenged guests but other than that, this might be a good spot for your next seasonal party or summer event. I give the venue 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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