The Arms Pub Venue Review

Although The Arms Pub may not be a venue normally chosen for a wedding, it is very well set up to host many other types of events. Laid out well and quite spacious, the pub would be a nice consideration for parties and holiday celebrations.

The pub is located in a strip mall configuration with a well stocked liquor store next door. You will never run out of your favorite spirit in this case. The location also offers plentiful, free parking.

The entrance way from the parking lot into the venue is flat and perfect for any mobility challenged guests. You can easily roll a wheelchair or fit a walker through the double door entrance. I had no difficulty loading equipment into the venue. The inside of the venue is also fairly level with no stairs to access any areas of the pub except for an area to the left…and then it is only two small stairs. The washrooms are easily accessible as well.

Inside the venue, there is nice spacing between tables and an interesting winding bar / table combination. The space is open with the traditional bar style area.

One of the best things I like about The Arms is the stage. Most pubs don’t have a stage and this one is nicely sized one for the pub’s square footage.  The stage is located at the back of the venue but is situated so that and music speakers will cover most of the room. The stage is perfect for small duos, DJs or Karaoke nights. There is plenty of room for your acts to dance around and entertain a bit and the large screen TV at the back of the stage works well to play your video presentations or run lyrics for karaoke. As a DJ and KJ, this is a nice feature.

There is no house microphone and only a standard house system for playing background music, but that can be corrected by your music vendor of you so choose to go with one.

The staff are quite friendly and supportive. They work well with the clients and are very helpful to your vendors as well.

Food is standard pub fare but there is quite an assortment of drink choices to choose from.

All in all, The Arms Pub is a great old fashioned style pub that is not run down but well kept and looked after. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.