The Dos and Donts of a Great Christmas Party!


There are a lot of do’s and dont’s to ensure you will have a great Christmas party.  So let’s talk about some of them

As a Vancouver DJ, when you hire a music services company you’re really hiring them to get people engaged, to dance, to sing if you hire karaoke and generally be active within your party. One of the things I’ve found doing a lot of Christmas parties is that roulette tables and card games do not encourage that. They encourage people to sit down, disengage from the party and become inactive usually in a different room from where the party is going on. So actually, music services, DJ services or karaoke services with card games and roulette wheels just don’t really mix at a Christmas party. I can almost guarantee an empty or nearly empty dance floor for most of the evening when you combine these two services together. I always advise that you hire one or the other, but not both for your Christmas party. If you wanted to include a roulette wheel in your party, roll it onto the dance floor and use it in addition to the party, not as something that siphons off guests into another room to actually sit down and become lethargic and disengage. A roulette table can be fun and you can use it to give away prizes and still encourage people to engage and even in the dancing.

Another item that dampens the festivities at Christmas parties is raffle tickets and as a DJ in Vancouver, I find this is the most boring activity in which to give away your Christmas gifts, your company Christmas gifts or your personal Christmas gifts that you’re giving away to people. I once sat in a party where they spent 40 minutes to an hour doing raffle tickets, everyone was so bored that after they finished, half the guests left. Granted, they may have been staying just to see if they won a gift or not, I don’t know, but I believe they were just not engaged, they were bored and this just made everybody lethargic for a long time with nothing happening.

Another thing you might want to stay away from is raising money for causes. I know you may want to do a good turn but you should save that money-raising for another party or an event where that’s the focus. The Christmas party should be about fun and should be guest-focused. There’s just something about the pressure of having to dish out cash when you thought the party was all paid for. You may want to announce that you’re fundraising efforts .. but I don’t think it should be combined with your Christmas party unless your Christmas party is not a Christmas party but a fundraising party – then it’s not a Christmas party.

Also think about how you can make your party engaging, exciting and more importantly, fun for your guests. Avoid having too many things going on. Too many things to distract people from your main event whatever that may be…a DJ, band, etc. If there’s going to be dancing or karaoke that’s what it should be. You can use these services to max out what you can do because you can do a lot with them, Varied activities within the music of your event can make your party fun and exciting. We at Boogie Shoes DJ and Karaoke Service have lots of interactive ideas on how to do that when you contact us for your event.

 Some things you might want to consider doing at your DJ Vancouver Christmas party are things that we can suggest and do all the time… we know they work.

I’ve talked about engaging your guests and the importance of it. For companies that are having Christmas parties, or individuals that are having Christmas parties, I always stress that it is not just about a Christmas party but about the culture of your company, or the camaraderie-ship of your family and friends. You can make it exciting and fun which reflects upon your company, or yourself,  or you can make it boring and mediocre which can also reflect upon your company and yourself. As with anything, if you have company goals or even personal goals, sales goals or any areas where you want to improve within yourself or your company, you have a strategic plan to do that, right? Well, the same thing for a Christmas party. If you want to make it fun, plan to make it fun and create a plan to put into practice for your Christmas party.

If you’re interested in hiring a party or event DJ you can check out our Party DJ Service.