Make-Shift Country Wedding In Private Abbotsford Venue

This week, I’m going to do a review of a private venue in Abbotsford. As a DJ, it is not often I’m called to DJ a wedding a little further out but it is always a pleasant drive and experience when it happens. This venue may go public after all renovations are completed but I don’t have to the final word on that yet. However, if you are interested in this rural venue, let me know and I will put you in touch with the owner.

This great little hall with big country charm was actually an old barn complete with the farm animals about two months ago. With lots of work and I daresay, a fair bit of investment, the owners transformed a rundown structure that was home to horses, and all that comes with them, into a rustic and warm venue for the daughter’s wedding.

Country Wedding Venue

Load-in for the venue is not too bad if the vendor parks to the right of the building, the road levels out and is close to the same height as the front porch of the venue. It is relatively easy to put a cart on the front porch, load items on a cart and wheel them into the venue. The main concern about this is that where the vendor has to park to get easy load-in access is the only road to the parking lot. If the vendor’s vehicle is large, arriving guests may not be able to fit through to get to the parking area. Perhaps future plans will include a ramp to the front of the building for easy load in as well as for wheelchair access. As it stands at the time of his review, the other alternative is to pack equipment down a short stairway.

Porch with wedding guests

As renovations are ongoing, things may change but the first thing I noticed when I went into the venue was some wonderful hay bale coaches in the right and left alcoves of the venue. Both of these rooms were decorated with vintage photos and items, including a dated sewing machine…. very nice and inviting.

In the next portion of the building is the bar to the right and to the left is the stairs to the second floor. I’ll talk about the upper level later on in my review.

Continuing on the first floor there is the main room. It is a bit small but will hold about 40 or 50 guests. There are ample wall outlets for power and they are spread around the room so that a vendor can be placed in any area of the room. Probably you want to make sure that your music service doesn’t bring so much equipment that it can’t fit into an 8 by 4-foot space… including the speaker stands. Here are my top tips on how to choose the right DJ for the occasion. Being the venue is not a large room, large speakers are not necessary anyway.

Abbotsford barn wedding reception area

The venue does not have air conditioning as of this review so if the venue does open to the public, I would imagine summer weddings in the hall will be very warm and fans would be advised.

Upstairs is a great area to either place more guests for dinner or as a change room and waiting room for the bride. The owner is into quilts and there was an example of her handiwork decorating the wall upstairs as well as some other antique items that added to the charm. From up on the second floor there is a nice view of the main room below.

Private Abbotsford Wedding Venue

There are plans to put in a patio for outdoor weddings and possibly a vineyard as well as some ponds. There is a lot of great potential and development room at the venue. It is still a work in progress to be sure but if they do go public I hope to be there again and will update this blog with a link. I give this venue 4 out of 5 stars.

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