The Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam venue is a very interesting location in which to host an event. It is the first time I have reviewed such a locale and I found it interesting and unique at the same time. The event was a dry grad party and the venue certainly has the space for this type of party.  One of the great things about this venue is that you will never run out of parking space.

Another plus is the fact that the vendors or any person with mobility issues can pull right up to the curbside and use the very convenient ramp to wheel equipment in. In the case of mobility challenged guests, there is disability parking right in front of the ramp area.

The area inside is huge but the Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam location does have an actual bar and lounge area where you could host a smaller party of say 60 to 80 guests. The karaoke setup was placed outside the entrance to the lounge and in order to keep track of everyone, they did rope off the area past the karaoke set up…blocking off access to the washrooms on one side of the venue.

As previously mentioned, the inside of this venue is very spacious and it does take a lot of guests to fill up space. It does feel cavernous and impersonal if you don’t have the numbers to fill up the huge floor area.

It would take at least 500 or more guests to give the venue some warmth and vibrancy. As well, they are showing movies until around 12:15 AM so there are moviegoers still in the building. In this case…while the dry grad was taking place. This is definitely a deterrent to getting any kind of fun vibe going. Who wants to sing or dance when a group of total strangers, not there for the party, wander by gawking at you?

It is not possible to tone down the lighting very much. It is so bright that even DJ laser lighting will not make any impact. This contributes to a lack of ambiance when trying to involve guests in an entertainment event such as karaoke and/or dancing. The background noise of the game machines also makes a lot of extraneous noise and takes away the focus on a party atmosphere.

On the plus side though, if you wanted to base an event around a movie theme, the VIP lounge might be the place to do it. Smaller, more intimate with a separate area to control who wanders through your function and bar, this could quite possibly work as your event room.

I give the Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam a 2 out of 5 stars as a  venue at which to host your party. Although it has great free parking and easy accessibility into the building, the venue is large, impersonal and too bright to have any kind of ambiance for a party of less than 500 plus. There is a lot of extraneous noise from the video game machines and the possibility that total strangers could be walking through your event is something you may have to contend with.

I would however, check out the VIP lounge. This room would be the one area recommended as having possibilities for a Christmas party or other occasion.

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