Three great tips on the dj you have shortlisted

Even though the summer season is nearly over, there are still many great parties to be had and more DJs to be hired. As we head out of the wedding season and more into party mode for the upcoming Halloween, Christmas and personal party months ahead, I thought it would be beneficial to have a few great  tips on things to think about when hiring your next DJ.

One of the first things I always recommend is that you do make time to meet with your prospective DJ. I know everyone is busy and it is sometimes hard to find time but getting a feel for the music service you are thinking to retain is always a good idea. It helps you to see if they are nice fit. For example, if you are a hands on type of person, is the DJ willing to follow your directions and even play the playlist that you provide right down to the order that you want the music played. You may be looking for ideas and ways to make your event, unique and more fun than last year’s  same old party. Can the DJ offer you ideas and tips in order to raise the bar on your function?  If you personally like the DJ you feel more comfortable working with them.

Another reason to meet your DJ is to see how they are dressed for your meeting. Although a shirt and tie would might overdoing it, The DJ should be clean, neat and well groomed. This a business meeting for the DJ and they should take it seriously. So clean nice jeans and nice shirt. and if appropriate, dress shoes. You want to make sure the DJ you hire will not embarrass  with their attire at the event. If in doubt, you can always ask the DJ what they will be wearing at  the event. Oh, and be sure to let the DJ know if there are any special dress requirements of the venue…such as a suit jacket.

Also notice if your DJ arrives early for the meeting. That is a good sign as it shows they are conscientious  and are trying to make a good impression. It also shows that they are more than likely going to be at your event early and ready to go at contract time. It also lets you know that they want the job.

With that being said, It would be advisable  to have some give and take on this. If the DJ calls you and lets you know  they will be late and has a good reason, you might like to be forgiving  in this instance.  Sometimes emergencies do happen and taking things into consideration, within reason, helps everyone.

A big third on my list is how organized is the DJ. If they come with a loose idea of how your night might sound like as far as the music is concerned, you might just get that type of a rambling event. Your possible DJ should come with an organized checklist of how the event might go… music wise. Part of the DJs job is to help you put the music portion of your function together…what type of music might work,   when and in what order might it work best in the time frame of your event. A written outline will make the music portion of your event run smoothly with no surprises. A checklist  gives you the basis on which  to start choosing your music and puts it in order for you.

These three points are great way to assess your possible DJ at your first meeting and if you keep them in mind, you will be well on your way to choosing a DJ that is right for you.

Review of the Stanley Park Pavilion

Stanley Park Pavilion  is located in the heart of world famous Stanley Park. It is fairly easy to drive to…just follow the signs. When you pull up to the building, you will notice it is a well kept older building and there is a lot of history  connected to the building.

There is actually parking in front of the building but to be honest, it can be very difficult to get a spot there as the park is very popular tourist destination. There is parking on the other side of the building with a short two or three minute walk from there to the pavilion. Parking is around $20 for the day.

Getting into the venue is convenient for mobility challenged guests. The sidewalk is ramped although a little uneven from the parking lot. Once past that area though, the walkway is smooth into the front door and throughout the venue. 

The views from the building and surrounding lawn is quite nice. Summer and early fall of course is the most scenic. For those of you thinking of having your wedding ceremony outside, there is a beautiful area adjacent to the venue where the exchange of vows is often performed.

When you enter the venue, you walk into the outer room. This is where the bar is located and where most often, the cocktail hour is held. Often appetizers are served here and guests mingle before entering into the main room. One very important point to note is that, most often, your entertainment is set up in the main room and they close the doors to that area while the reception for your guests is taking place. If you wish to have entertainment, music, etc., you should be aware that you will have to make arrangements for your band or DJ to set up in the outer room or else you will not be able to hear them from the main room where they normally set up. The only other alternative is to leave the doors open to the main room and that is frowned upon as the staff will be setting up for dinner in the main room. You could also have the house play music.

The main room is where the dinner and dancing take place. It is not a huge room and maxes out at around 180 guests. This is adequate for most events. Another point to note is that the house system in that room is not very good. For speeches you may need to use your entertainment’s PA system and microphone. If using a wireless microphone, make sure to have your DJ or band provide a professional  Shure SM 58 wireless system, or something equivalent. The reception in that room for wireless systems is poor and with anything less you may have dropouts when speaking on the microphone, which can be annoying. The room is air conditioned in the summer during dinner but they often turn it off when the dancing starts and open up the doors to the outside which may or may not work for you. 

I give the Stanley Park Pavilion  a 4.5 stars out of 5. Having the main room and outer room separate can add a bit more  expense if you want to have entertainment during the reception part of your event. Parking is limited close to the building, especially during summer, and although there is parking a few minutes away, it can be  a wet dash to the venue if it is raining. 

The venue has a beautiful setting however and being in world famous Stanley Park does have its’ perks.

Venue Review of The Pacific Yacht

The Pacific Yacht is one of the nicer harbor cruise yachts that can be hired out for events in Vancouver. The yacht is moored at the Westin Bayshore docks right off the seaside promenade that runs along the Vancouver waterfront . The yacht can accommodate a little over 100 guests but for the exact number, contact the booking site by clicking on Pacific Yacht.

The yacht is easy to board with a wide, carpeted ramp to the dock and a small ramp into the yacht. Very convenient for wheel chair bound guests and for any vendors loading equipment on to the yacht. The dock is a very stable concrete dock and not at all wobbly as is the case of some harbor cruise docks.

The inside of the yacht is quite nice. The lower deck has a layout  than can be changed around to suit your event and the upper deck is often where dinner is served. This also can be reinvented according to your requirements. There is a third deck for open air viewing of the sights on your cruise.

The stairwell leading to the second deck is of a good size with a gradual curve and no tight corners. Unfortunately, there is no elevator on the yacht so access to the upper decks and to the washroom on the lower deck is not easy for mobility challenged guests. Access to the bathrooms and bar on the lower deck require a three step down stairway.


The yacht can do different routes on the cruise but normally starts out going by some million dollar yachts  and the park. 

It will the cruise by the park, seaplanes at the conference center, the high-speed jet catamaran ferry  and head towards the light house passing by Canada Place.

There are any number of sights to see on the cruise including Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge and, in our case, the fireworks competition held every year with entrants from many different countries. 

The Pacific Yacht is a great way to cruise the harbor, or beyond, for your event. Staff are friendly and helpful, meals can include a full sit down dinner cooked aboard the yacht or just hors d’oeuvres served by the efficient  staff. I give The Pacific Yacht a 4.8 out of 5 stars. As is most likely the case with all the harbor cruises in Vancouver, there are no elevators to get to the upper decks making it difficult for wheelchair bound guests and your vendors to get equipment to the upper decks.

Overall, a very nice experience.  VIDEO CLIP:

DJ services Vancouver

Understanding The Fact That a Good Wedding DJ Can Make a World of Difference

So, it is going to be the most special day of your life? You have finally decided to tie the knot, to take the plunge, to say the vows and vow yourself to another whom you promise to love till the end of your days. What next? Now you must prepare well for the wedding ceremony.

A wedding is not just a ceremony of the bride and groom. It is indeed the ceremony and function that is going to make lasting impact on all the people present there. It is going to give lasting memories to each and every member of the groom and the bride’s families. It is going to be an event that everyone will look forward to before it happens and everyone will love thinking fondly about in the years to come. This is why, it is important for everything to be perfect.

We honestly believe that one of the most important things in a marriage party is the music. The DJ is the person who can simply make or break the mood. With the music corresponding to the mood of the gathering, the party can become a huge success. These days karaoke services are extremely popular and if you are also interested in a wedding DJ service in Vancouver then you should definitely check out Here is a list how a good wedding DJ can make the party come alive:

Sets the mood- Needless to say, the DJ sets the mood for the occasion. The DJ is the one who is going to sense the mood in the crowd and play exactly those songs that will be enjoyed by all. So, the DJ will set the mood for the evening so that everyone present enjoys to the maximum.

    • Sets the mood- Needless to say, the DJ sets the mood for the occasion. The DJ is the one who is going to sense the mood in the crowd and play exactly those songs that will be enjoyed by all. So, the DJ will set the mood for the evening so that everyone present enjoys to the maximum.
    • Uplifts the party – The DJ has the power to turn a boring wedding party into a happening one. The DJ is the one who is able to swing everyone’s mind from one emotion to another. He can play a slow track to bring the romantic couples on the dance floor or an emotional track to make the bride and her bridesmaids break into tears instantly. So, the DJ has the power to transform the mood and keep up the tempo of the party.

So, if you want to ensure that your wedding party is in safe hands, just let DJ boogie shoes take care of the DJ and music along with karaoke arrangements. No need to look for another Wedding DJ Service in Vancouver or karaoke services anywhere else, just visit today.

DJ Boogie Shoes Delivering Nothing But The Best WHen it Comes to DJ And Karaoke Services in Vancouver

Are you planning a party and are wondering whether to go for a DJ or a Karaoke? Well then let us guide you and take you to the correct solution. Now you can get both DJ as well as Karaoke services at your disposal. With DJ Boogie Shoes, you can get the absolutely best DJ and Karaoke services in Vancouver. If you still have any doubts as to why choose DJ Boogie Shoes then check out these amazing points below:

1.Lighting- All services by DJ Boogie Shoes come with lighting included. If you choose any other DJ service, you might have to arrange the lighting separately but with DJ Boogie Shoes, the lighting is included in the package, this means that DJ Boogie Shoes is a one stop shop for all the entertainment needs of your party.

2.Face to Face Consultation- DJ Boogie Shoes provides you with face to face consultation for all events that are regular and within 30 minute of the serviceable area. For all other services, you get seamless telephonic consultation.

3.Karaoke plus DJ- A great concept by DJ Boogie Shoes is that you get a combination of both Karaoke and DJ services at the same place. This way, in a single package you can avail the benefits of both Karaoke as well as DJ.

4.Choice of songs- Since we are talking about DJ and Karaoke Services for weddings in Vancouver, you can rest assured that with all wedding packages, you can choose your cocktail and dinner music and this will include music for the entrance, music for cake cutting and music for the first dances. These choices may be limited in the case of budget packages. But in the regular and above packages, you get to choose all the songs that you like or do not like and have them played at different parts of the party like the guests arrival, cocktail, dinner music and dance music.

5.Large playlist- DJ Boogie Shoes has a vast playlist of about 20,000 songs for your choice and you will be able to pick up your favorite songs at ease.

6.Screens and Projectors- DJ Boogie Shoes also have screens and projectors that allow you to make the party even more fun by showcasing pictures and montages.

So, your search for DJ and Karaoke Services for weddings in Vancouver ends right here. Visit today to explore more.

Country Meadows Golf Club Venue Review

Country Meadows Golf Course is an older venue. Driving along  number six road, you have to watch carefully or you may miss the sign to the entrance of the golf course. There is a golf driving range about 2 km before Country Meadows Golf Club which you will want to pass. It is a common mistake to drive into the golf driving range thinking this is the Country Meadows Golf Club.

Country Meadows is a small golf club so the main building is not very large. The club house includes a restaurant and lounge area. There is a stage in the lounge area and this would work as the venue to hold your holiday parties or other events.

The parking lot is a bit small and on those nice summer days when it is busy, there may be a bit of a challenge to find parking. This could be especially true if you are having a larger event there in the summertime.

Many events are held in the tent that is off to the side of the main building. It is fairly spacious and looks like it could hold about 150 guests.

Load into the tent for your vendors is quite easy, with a slightly graded incline. The access to the tent is perfect for any of your wheelchair bound guests and very convenient for your entertainment to load their equipment in.

Power access is a bit strange. The power outlets are high up on the wall and you may need to ask staff to put a power bar on the floor if you need to access power. Your DJ or band, or any other vendor that requires power, will definitely need to bring extension cords.

The scenery around the golf course is nice and green, which is a common sight around golf courses in the summer. In nice sunny weather, the buffet is set up outside of the tent.

The tent seems to be a little on the cool side. This is great in the heat of the summer but the evening we can get a little chilly in the tent. It might be a good idea to bring a sweater for later in the evening if your event is going that long. There is no air conditioner but the staff can put up fans if you require.

I’m not sure how late events are allowed to go. The tent does not hold sound in well so your entertainment, DJ or band, would definitely be heard outside of the venue. Some venues do require that you turn down the sound after a certain time. This can dampen the party somewhat and is something that you would want to check on.

The staff are very helpful and friendly. This is an important consideration for your guests and yourself when hosting an event.

Country Meadows golf course would be worth checking out as a venue for holding your event. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.  Although parking is a bit limited and some areas of the venue could use a little repair and paint, the venue being close to Richmond so that guests would not have to travel very far from their accommodation and the pleasant staff makes it a nice choice for your event or celebration.

Important Factors That Prove That Karaoke Is Such a Great Idea

You must have heard a lot about different Karaoke and DJ Services in Vancouver and you might also be wondering why a Karaoke is a better idea than a simple dance party. Well there are plenty of reasons why Karaoke are better and more entertaining than dance parties and let us take you through some of those reasons.
1.Karaoke involves participation from all – So the thing here is that having a Karaoke party helps get everyone to participate. In a dance party, there may be several people who do not like dancing and do not really take part in the party actively. However, with a Karaoke, it is easier to get everyone on stage to sing on the tunes with the words readily available.
2.Sheds inhibitions – Anyone who has stage fright or is hesitant to perform in front of a crowd can also take part in a Karaoke show off easily. Karaoke will help people shed their inhibitions and take active part in the event. This way everyone will get involved and no one will feel left out whatsoever.
3.Break the ice – A Karaoke is a great event as an ice breaker. Karaoke events are successful as corporate events as these help people socialize and speak to each other freely and get to know each other very well too. Karaoke events let people actually speak to each other instead of just dancing and being self-absorbed in dancing.
4.Easy to manage – The most appealing part of a Karaoke event is that these are easy to organize. You as an organizer don’t have to worry about anything. DJ and Karaoke Services in Vancouver are extremely well prepared for organizing any kind of party that you like. One of these awesome DJs is DJ Boogie shoes.
5.Awesome DJs to make your party lively – DJ Boogie Shoes is a great DJ who will brighten up your party and give it the extra edge that is required to make any event a hit. These guys are experts in their job and they make sure that your event is a fabulous success.
No matter what the event is be it a family function or a wedding or a corporate event, is there to make your even the most happening place in town. Known for their exceptional DJ and Karaoke Services in Vancouver, Boogie shoes are worth every penny and you should check them out.

Top Five Tips That Can Help You Choose The Right DJ For Your Wedding Occasion

There is an increasing demand for DJ and Karaoke services in Vancouver. But with the increasing number of so called DJs it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose for your wedding. In this article we will take a look at some important points that can help you choose your DJ for your special occasion:
  • Written contracts: Does the DJ service offer written contracts for the services they promise to provide? Offering written contracts assures quality in their services and establishes a proper agreement between the client and the vendor. Try to find one that offers contracts.
  • Backup equipment: Accidents can happen anytime, they are not a subject to invitations on your special day. In case there is some emergency, does the DJ service have a contingency plan? Do they have a backup DJ or backup equipment in case of technical problems? As these questions clearly when making deal with the DJ service provider.
  • Meet the DJ beforehand: It is a good idea to meet the DJ for the occasion in advance. It will help you get to know whom you are dealing with, plus you can also share the kind of music you would like them to play so that they can make the necessary preparations for the same. If you don’t meet the DJ and they do not have with them what you want then it can spoil the mood. Moreover, you can also negotiate the price in person and accept or reject someone based on your findings.
  • Experience in the DJ business: Experience always matters, even if it is the DJ business. A veteran DJ will make your special occasion the most memorable one with their experience in such events. They are prepared for all changes and any unexpected requests can be handled easily. They will have high standards of quality and will use their skills to make the occasion awesome.
  • Check the equipment they use: When a DJ invests a lot of money into their equipment they are dedicated and passionate towards their work. As a result they will ensure that they provide the best quality services during the event. Ask them about their equipment and if they tell you about everything with passion then you have the right person for the job.
Visit today and book the best DJ services for your wedding today. They are a trusted name in the business with a proven track record. Check out the website for more information.

Venue Review of Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam

The Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam venue  is a very interesting location in which to host an event. It is the first time I have reviewed such a locale and I found it interesting and unique at the same time. The event was a dry grad party and the venue certainly has the space for this type of party.  One of the great things about this venue is that you will never run out of parking space.

Another plus is the fact that the vendors or any person with mobility issues can pull right up to the curbside and use the very convenient ramp to wheel equipment in. In the case of mobility challenged guests, there is disability parking right in front of the ramp area.

The area inside is huge but the Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam location does have an actual bar and lounge area where you could host a smaller party of say 60 to 80 guests. The karaoke setup was placed outside the entrance to the lounge and in order to keep track of everyone, they did rope off the area past the karaoke set up…blocking off access to the washrooms on one side of the venue.

As previously mentioned, the inside of the of this venue is very spacious and it does take a lot of guests to fill up the space. It does feel cavernous and  impersonal if you don’t have the numbers to fill up the huge floor area.

It would take at least 500 or more guests to give the venue some warmth and vibrancy. As well, they are showing movies until around 12:15 AM so there are  movie goers still in the building. In this case…while the dry grad was taking place. This is definitely a deterrent to getting any kind a fun vibe going. Who wants to sing or dance when a group of total strangers, not there for the party, wander by gawking at you?

It is not possible to tone down the lighting very much. It is so bright that even DJ laser lighting will not make any impact. This contributes to a lack of ambiance when trying to involve guests in an entertainment event such as karaoke and/ or dancing. The background noise of the game machines also make a lot of extraneous noise and take away focus of a party atmosphere.

On the plus side though, if you wanted to base an event around a movie theme, the VIP lounge might be the place to do it. Smaller, more intimate with a separate area to control who wanders through your function and bar, this could quite possibly work as your event room.

I give the Cineplex Cinema Coquitlam a 2 out of 5 stars as a  venue at which to host your party. Although it has great free parking and easy accessibility into the building, the venue is large, impersonal and too bright to have any kind of ambiance for a party of less than 500 plus. There is a lot of extraneous noise from the video game machines and the possibility that total strangers could be walking through your event is something you may have to contend with.

I would however, check out the VIP lounge. This room would be the one area recommended as having possibilities for a Christmas party or other occasion.

Venue Review of Sage Bistro at UBC

The University of British Columbia is a very large university and offers a number of varied venues within the unique setting of a distinguished university.  The Sage Bistro is one of those venues. Located just steps from the beautiful Chan Center, the Sage Bistro has a relaxed and dignified ambiance.

There is limited parking just outside the restaurant and more underground parking in the Rose Garden Parkade. There is an elevator in the parkade, but parking outside the front of the restaurant is the most convenient.  For wheelchair bound guests or for vendors loading into the Bistro, the easiest way is to have someone open the glass door on the north side of the building  ( it only opens from the inside ) and follow  the sidewalk to the door.

There are some stairs inside the Sage Bistro so you must be a little careful getting around, but they do have a lift for any mobility challenged guests to move between the two levels. Bathrooms are on the upper level.


There is a wonderful garden at the back of the bistro. This is a nice spot for having your wedding ceremony. With the balcony of the restaurant overlooking this area, you can have your DJ put a speaker on the balcony for your wedding ceremony music.

In addition, there is a walkway along the back and side of the restaurant where guests can hang out. I am not sure if this is policy, but some guests do smoke on the balcony so this may be a must have for some of your guests.

Some wedding ceremonies also take place inside the Sage Bistro. The area is fairly spacious and you have the advantage of being able to use the house speaker system so everyone can hear your vows.

The Sage Bistro gets a 4 out of 5 stars as although the setting is nice, I found the room rather plain. The smoking section on the balcony allowed 2nd hand  smoke to drift into the venue. As I mentioned, I am not sure if this is a regular smoking area, but it was the case when I was there.  The staff were adequate and did their job well, but only one was somewhat attentive and helpful. Still, the venue has the uniqueness  of the UBC setting and if you enjoy academia, then this venue might be right for you.

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