Rent Our Portable PA Sound System For Weddings or Events


Bluetooth & Battery-Powered

I would like to introduce you to the battery-powered PA system and Bluetooth wireless microphone that we have for rent for your ceremony or a small cocktail hour.
Of course, the great thing about this unit is that you pretty much can take it anywhere. The battery will last for more than eight hours of continuous use and you can stream your music by pairing the speaker with any blue tooth device making it super easy to have music in any location for your event.
This speaker is great for small PA and music applications. It comes with everything you need including speaker stand and a microphone stand for the wireless blue tooth microphone.
Pairing up your blue tooth device couldn’t be easier, just turn on your device with the blue tooth pairing on, press the button on top of the speaker as seen here and the speaker will appear in your list of blue tooth devices on your tablet or on your iPhone.

Features & Compatibility

The speaker comes with a number of features that lend flexibility and controllability to the setup. The top channel one can be used for adding an additional wired speaker or instrument such as a guitar or keyboard. Channel two allows for the input of an iPod or other music device in case you have an older blue tooth device that will not pair it with the speaker. Additionally, this can be used as an input if you are daisy-chaining a number of speakers together. Channel three controls the volume of the wireless blue tooth microphone and besides that, you can see an output jack, again for daisy chaining two or more speakers together. Channel four controls the volume for the blue tooth device paired with the speaker while to the right of that is the white EHU button for either speech or music. Your on and off button, battery indicator and input the charge in the speaker with included power adapter is below channel four.
Here you can see the wireless receiver with the yellow indicator light for the blue tooth microphone that plugs into the speaker.
You can control your streaming audio directly from your blue tooth device with any DJ app. For those of you who like a more tactile control we also rent the IDJ LIVE 2 controller for an extra charge. With this controller, you can control the left or right slide, choose your song and load them either onto the left or right deck, stop, start and play controls are available also and this controller works with many blue tooth devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone or computer. In addition, you have control over the EQ with bass and treble controls and rudiment DJ controls such as scratch, sync, set Cue points and platter control. With this system, you have a simple, portable and easy way to have music in just about any location for your ceremony, small cocktail hour, a small musical event or amplified audio for your speech presentation.

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Please contact me through the contact form at Email me at or call me at 604-816-7727 for rental rates or for any questions you may have about the Samson Battery Powered Blue Tooth Speaker System.