Here is a thought. How many of you like to know the lyrics of your favorite songs? I do not necessarily mean karaoke, but knowing or seeing the lyrics so you can sing along.

Findings by MEDiA Research confirm that Lyrics is a popular add on for many music lovers. The report also  added that although listening to the radio was still popular, streaming was coming up fast with 43% of consumers welcoming the activity. However, out of that 43%, 81% of subscription based  music streamers want the lyrics with the songs they are streaming. This was especially true among younger music fans below the age of 45.

Females it seems dominate when it comes to lyrics and even karaoke. As a matter of fact there are about 5 karaoke apps that are hot in itunes.  Most people have their noses buried in their phones and it is not too hard to imagine them learning the songs they listen to and perhaps singing them in a social setting such as a karaoke event.

With the popularity of James Corden car pool karaoke, it seems singing to your favorite songs is alive and well as a pastime.

As a DJ, I do a lot of karaoke shows and host one or two karaoke nights a week around the lower mainland. It is amazing to see the number of good singers coming to the karaoke nights and private events that have first practiced their songs while streaming the lyrics on their phones at home. I am definitely seeing better in tune and knowledgeable singers.  

The range of genres being sung at the karaoke events is also widening. I am hearing some great renditions of new country songs, R&B and even brand new music like Havana ( as of the writing of this blog). And they are doing a good job at singing those songs as well.

I am also finding that duets are really popular. It seems singers find comfort in having someone on stage with them. Quite often, they have practiced the song together and so harmonies are being sung and quite often they are sounding spot on.

So, as the evidence suggests, karaoke as a fun activity is not going away anytime soon. If you are thinking of holding a karaoke night, or adding it to your event or wedding…yes wedding ( I’ve done some awesome weddings with karaoke), do a little survey and see how many of your friends and family are using the lyric option while streaming their song. Then, if you haven’t been to one in a long time, come on out to a karaoke night to see what I mean. I think you’ll be surprised

With a little planning and a theme, karaoke can be a heck of a lot of fun for any age or occasion.