The University of British Columbia is a very large university and offers a number of varied venues within the unique setting of a distinguished university.  The Sage Bistro is one of those venues. Located just steps from the beautiful Chan Center, the Sage Bistro has a relaxed and dignified ambiance. I found it reminiscent of the UBC boathouse Venue.

There is limited parking just outside the restaurant and more underground parking in the Rose Garden Parkade. There is an elevator in the parkade, but parking outside the front of the restaurant is the most convenient.  For wheelchair-bound guests or for vendors loading into the Bistro, the easiest way is to have someone open the glass door on the north side of the building  ( it only opens from the inside ) and follow the sidewalk to the door.

There are some stairs inside the Sage Bistro so you must be a little careful getting around, but they do have a lift for any mobility challenged guests to move between the two levels. Bathrooms are on the upper level.


There is a wonderful garden at the back of the bistro. I couldn’t help but think of the VanDusen gardens when taking in the sights and sounds. This is a nice spot for having your wedding ceremony. With the balcony of the restaurant overlooking this area, you can have your DJ put a speaker on the balcony for your wedding ceremony music.

In addition, there is a walkway along the back and side of the restaurant where guests can hang out. I am not sure if this is policy, but some guests do smoke on the balcony so this may be a must-have for some of your guests.

Some wedding ceremonies also take place inside the Sage Bistro. The area is fairly spacious and you have the advantage of being able to use the house speaker system so everyone can hear your vows.

The Sage Bistro gets a 4 out of 5 stars as although the setting is nice, I found the room rather plain. The smoking section on the balcony allowed 2nd hand smoke to drift into the venue. As I mentioned, I am not sure if this is a regular smoking area, but it was the case when I was there.  The staff were adequate and did their job well, but only one was somewhat attentive and helpful. Still, the venue has the uniqueness of the UBC setting and if you enjoy academia, then this venue might be right for you.

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