CIBO Trattoria

The CIBO Trattoria in downtown Vancouver on Seymour is a nice venue to host a small gathering. Intimate and warm with a nice urban feel, the restaurant is joined to the MODA hotel so that your guests can have accommodation just a few steps from the celebration at CIBO.

Of course this works as a double-edged sword in that accommodations are right at your guest’s fingertips but on the other hand, it does limit the amount of celebration that can be done as things have to get toned down at 11 PM due to the hotel rooms being above the restaurant. To be honest, it is a restaurant more than an actual party spot. Although I was not able to partake in the meal, I heard the food is excellent.

The restaurant is small. It really is not set up to have entertainment,  but I was able to fit a budget DJ service in the corner and we were able to get some karaoke in as well. It was a bit tight for the karaoke singers but we managed and moved the tables a bit for those that wished to dance.

Load into the restaurant for your vendor is not too bad as there is a passenger loading zone right in front of the CIBO restaurant. This is actually for the MODA hotel but I was able to stop there and load in without any difficulty. Entrance to the restaurant is right at the load in zone so it is accessible for any mobility challenged guests. Everything is on one floor as well, except entrance to the Moda hotel. There is limited parking though and I had to go to the next block into the parkade so your vendor might want to factor in a few more minutes time on getting into the venue. You will want to make sure you have an umbrella walking from the parkade back to the restaurant.

The restaurant does have a screen and overhead projector for any of your presentations as well as a house system for your speeches. It is not optimal for music, but works well for your speaking engagements.

The décor is very stylish. Art deco meets kind of a wine cellar type look. I think it has recently been updated so maybe take a look at their website by clicking on the name link in this blog.

Because the restaurant is adjacent to the MODA hotel, noise levels have to be limited but it can get loud enough for most parties up until 11 PM. However, if you have an especially rowdy group this might not be the venue for you.

As a DJ, overall, I think the CIBO Trattoria this is a nice viable venue for smaller groups that are looking for a venue with urban chic, great food and a warm atmosphere in downtown Vancouver. It is a bit small, but I certainly think it is worth taking a look at for your next small event. I give this venue 4 out of 5 stars