Three Great Tips for the First Time Venue Karaoke Singer

Karaoke can be a fun evening out and even though you may not be one to sing in public, sometimes after a few drinks, and at the urging of a few friends’, you might decide to give it a try…at least once.

So where to start if you are at the local karaoke hot spot and find the urge to step onto the karaoke stage for the first time?

First off, you will want to check karaoke host’s song list. I have the karaoke song list online so it’s just matter of going to to check out the songs you might be interested in singing. I do suggest actually looking at the song list and not requesting something out of the air. There are millions of songs and no KJ (karaoke host has all of them). Look for a song that was a hit and not something obscure.  There are lots to choose from…classics all the way up to new hits of today. Classic rock songs are still big but the powerful voices and ranges of that era can make them difficult to sing.

Some 90s song such as U Can’t Touch This – MC hammer are easy to do range wise and Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice is still really popular and fun to sing. The 70s also had some great music Mama Mia – ABBA is still fun, popular and easy to sing for the ladies, plus you can sing it with friends for support. It is always best to sing something easy the first time out. This way you have a better chance of having a good experience and to see if a second visit to a karaoke night is in the cards for you.

Once you have narrowed in on the songs you want to sing, put in your request and await your turn.

When it comes time to hit the stage, relax and enjoy it. Remember, this is karaoke and not an audition for American Idol. I am often amazed at how many karaoke singers take themselves so seriously. You would think that karaoke night is a major concert with millions of dollars at stake and a musical career by the way some people act…and I might add, by the way they treat the karaoke host. Don’t be one of those people. Karaoke is a social affair with your friends and other like minded individuals who happen to enjoy singing. So be gracious and have fun.

A couple of karaoke etiquette rules to also mention are don’t scream into microphone. It is particularly hard on the speakers when people do that… not to mention everyone’s ears. Also, don’t slam the microphone down when you finish singing. Here again, this is hard on the equipment and if you break a microphone, it could set you back a couple hundred dollars. At the very least, you would be banned from signing at that venue again. No mic drops! You may think you are being cool, but really, you are just being rude and obnoxious with someone else’s hard earned money that it took to buy the equipment for you and others to sing and have an enjoyable evening.

Karaoke is still a great way to be on stage and to do something with or for your friends and the audience in general. I’ve seen and hosted a great many events and what keeps great people coming back again and again is the excitement, fun and comradery that people enjoy singing and listening to others sing a favorite song.