Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club Is another nice venue for your wedding, event or party. About an hour drive from Vancouver and situated on picturesque Westwood plateau, the club is surrounded by well kept lawns, greenery and residences. From the upper balcony, there are scenic views of the grounds.


The venue has a number locations for the wedding ceremony including a lower balcony just off the room of the lower main level. There are also balcony areas on the second floor that run the whole length of that floor. However, when the weather is pleasant, most wedding ceremonies take place on the lawn just a short walk from the clubhouse. Power can be arranged for your DJ if they are doing the ceremony music.


The entrance to the clubhouse is covered so your guests are protected from the elements. Also, any decorations or equipment you need to bring into the venue stay dry in wet weather.


The lobby is large and open and has a timber and beam type look. There is a restaurant and bar in the lower lobby area so guests can have a drink or light snack at any time during the day. The staircase leads to the upper rooms where larger events are held inside foyer.


There are elevators to every level so it is quite easy for any mobility challenged guests to move around and entrance into the venue is flat with no stairs. The elevators are quite large inside . However, I found that when going to the lower main room, the elevator opens up to a narrow hallway with the kitchen area across from the elevator. There are milk boxes and other items stacked in the hallway so pushing a wheel chair or cart around them requires moving or pushing some things out of the way. Access to the upper rooms by the elevator do not have this situation so it is a bit easier to roll wheelchairs or carts to those rooms.       


There a couple rooms upstairs that will hold around 200 guests, perhaps a little more. The room on the lower main level of the clubhouse is smaller and could probably hold a hundred guests at the limit. This room is long and a bit narrow but comfortable. There is a nice fireplace at one end of the room with a small dance floor in front of it and a larger dance floor at the other end of the room.


There was enough space to set up a backdrop for guest pictures but most opted for photos in front of the fireplace.


The room does have a wireless microphone for your speeches but and there is a screen and projector for your slide show or video presentation. Surprisingly, the in house speakers work rather well for playing the audio of your slide show. They might even work well for playing your cocktail and dinner hour music in this room. The large room upstairs also has these features but I am not sure how the in house audio speakers sound in those rooms.  


Staff are attentive to guests and efficient. They work easily with your vendors and are quick to solve issues if and when they arise

The Westwood Plateau Golf And Country Club is a rather nice venue. With the ease of access, nice surroundings and pleasant, helpful staff, the venue has everything for a pleasant and enjoyable event. I rate this venue at 4.0 stars out of 5.