Venue Review – Vancouver Hyatt Regency

The Vancouver Hyatt Regency is one of  the upscale hotels in Vancouver. With large, small and medium sized rooms, the hotel can cater to any sized function.

 As you would expect, the Hyatt Regency has full facilities including  first class catering and bar services for your function.

 When I first pulled into the front entrance, I noticed there was quite a bit of space for vehicles. I also found the parking staff to be very polite and helpful. They actually let me load my equipment in the front door and then parked my van out of the way until I could get return from loading in. This is something most hotels in Vancouver will not let a Vancouver DJ do. It made it very quick and easy for me and I am sure your guests would receive the same courteous treatment as well. Parking after 6 PM was surprisingly affordable as well at $4.00 until 1:30 AM. As a Vancouver DJ doing events all over Vancouver and the lower mainland, I know parking can easily be in the $20 and up range for the downtown Vancouver core.

Upon entering the lobby, the warm wood mixed with a modern combination of  modern furniture, some carpeting and stone is a nice touch. The elevators are hidden around the corner so you don’t notice them when you first enter the lobby. By the way, the elevators go the parking level so that is a plus for your vendors. They can  park down stairs, load out and wheel equipment into the elevator and up to the venue room. Makes it very easy, which saves you money on your vendor costs. A thing to note is that sometimes they have a large event such has the one I was at, and they lock down the elevators to the floor where the event is. This was the case when I was trying to get to the floor where the event I was KJing ( karaoke hosting ) was being held. However, the staff was really great and I had help right away. They got me where I needed to be.

The lobby upstairs is quite large and can accommodate a large amount of guests… as in the event that I was working. It still can get quite crowded though if you have a large enough event.

The main ball room is where the majority of the action happens. With room enough for a large audio visual setup, lighting and decor, the room has a great vibe when there are a lot of guests mingling and dancing. This room has everything you could ever need including another bar separate from the one in the up stair lobby.

But not all the action takes place in the main ballroom. They do have a number of side rooms where other entertainment can be going on at the same time as the event in the main ballroom. We had the karaoke as well as a live band and skits going on in one of the side rooms.

The Vancouver Hyatt Regency is a very nice hotel with the space for just about any event, large or small. As a DJ in Vancouver, I would imagine pricing to be steep. However you do get what you pay for with attentive, polite staff …and lots of them. The surroundings and amenities are all upper class.

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