If the Thanksgiving weekend was any indication in terms of the number of karaoke rentals that went out, I think that people are already getting into the party mood. So, we’re going to talk about one of my DJ offerings, karaoke rentals. How easy they are to connect and some other highlights of the units.

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My karaoke rentals pick up quite a bit starting around the Thanksgiving weekend, and one of the key features of my rentals that is a little bit different from some of the other competition around town is how easy they are to hook up…very simple. The machine itself is complete, it includes a built-in speaker so you don’t have to bother with hooking up separate speakers, the machine has a graphic equalizer and all the controls you could want and it’s basically just taking one line out of the machine and plug it into your TV, or you can even plug that into a projector if the projector has a video in, or in the case of the larger machines, HDMI. After that, you just plug in your two microphones and you’re good to go. It’s just that simple. The larger machines pretty much work the same way as the smaller machines. This year, I have the new big machines recommended for up to 60 guests. These have lots of power, great sound and include features such as 99 different digital delay settings for your vocals, nice quality microphones, HDMI out and microphone stands included.

The machines will also accept music input from your iPods or iPhones that have the earphone jack. The machines have either a 1/4″ input jack or RCA input jack. You can even plug your guitar or keyboard into them and they do work as a small PA system as well.

One of the other useful features of my karaoke rentals is the song selection. The machines come with 2,300 songs, at the moment. More songs being added on a continuing basis. If the client can give me enough notice, and the songs are available in karaoke, I can put in requests. Many clients appreciate this feature and most of the present song database for the karaoke rentals have been built around what former, and continuing customers, have asked to sing. Although Elvis is still popular and I do have a share of his songs in the rentals, I don’t fill the karaoke song database with fluff and songs of only one genre. I have a wide variety of new hits you are hearing on the radio right now as well as music through the generations. We do have a limited number of Chinese and Latin songs in the library and the machines will play your own VCD karaoke disks or CDG disks.

I also have accessories for the rentals including extra microphones, wireless microphones, microphone stands, 19” TVs, karaoke stands, and even vertigo lights so you can get the party going. You can combine all of these elements in one package we call the full deal, or mix and match as you like.

There is a demand for a DJ to be versatile and the karaoke rental machines are one way that I can do that. They are cost-effective, easy to set up and provide a great evening of entertainment for your small get together, office party or event.