Deep Cove Yacht Club

The Deep Cove Yacht Club is a well kept historic style venue with a wonderful view of the cove. It is a smaller venue that seats 85 and up to 100 guests standing.

Parking is free in the small parking lot at the venue…if you are early. However, parking is at a premium in Deep Cove area, especially on the sunny summer weekends. There are not a lot of parking spaces in the area so you definitely need to reserve a spots for your vendor, or vendors, so that they may load in equipment. Pay parking may be the only option once the venue parking is filled.

There are a few stairs to maneuver from the parking lot but if you go around the parking area, there is a flat are where you could have any mobility challenged guests go so that they could enter the venue   more easily.

Once inside the venue though there are a few more challenges for those that have walking or wheelchair issues. The bar area is flat but there are stairs to get down to the seating and dance floor area. There are only 3 stairs but they could be a challenge getting back and forth to the washrooms throughout an event for mobility challenged guests. There is only one bathroom on the main level with two more on the lower level that require walking down quite a few stairs. There are no elevators in the venue. Perhaps if you do have guests that need help getting around, this would not be the venue for you.

There is an upstairs balcony style area. I am not sure if it is ever used but it looks as if ti might be possible to access the area if space was needed for your event. Here again, there is only stair access to that area.

Once guests are in the seating and dance floor area, there is a spacious dance floor and a nice outdoor patio area with a very ice view of the cove. The DJ can be set up right beside the dance floor to maximize sound coverage, the patio is away from where your DJ would set up so that guests could go out there it talk and mingle when the louder dance music started.

The venue does have speakers and a wired microphone for your speeches. The speakers look large enough to play background music and maybe even louder music although they may sound a bit trebly and thin. It is best to get a DJ with a professional PA to be sure and have a good balance of sound.

It also has a DVD player and big screen TV to show your video or slide presentations. I would imagine this is tied into their house PA so that any audio tracks on your video will be played so that guests can hear it.

There is no air conditioning but there are two ceiling fans and a number of floor fans around the venue. Still, on a hot summer day it can get very warm inside. Windows can be opened as well so that air circulation flows throughout the venue.

The venue has a very nice view of the boats, the cove and homes that line the coast. In the summer the sun is shaded by the mountains by about 7 PM, so this helps cut down on direct sunlight coming into the venue and the heat.

The staff is friendly and helpful. They are attentive to the guests. One thing to keep in mind is to check on how late they can go with music. There is an apartment building nearby and as I was just ending at 12 midnight. The police came by but I am not sure it was noise related.

The Deep Cove Yacht club is a bright, nice heritage style venue. Well kept and by the water, this DJ found it is a pleasant place to be for any event. My biggest concern is parking availability and for guests with mobility issues. I give venue 3.9 stares out of 5.