Best Wedding Songs Trending  2019

Popular music comes and goes. What is hot one month is often gone in the next few, but wedding songs are a little different. Classics throughout the years still remain strong and in recent years, there are some new songs that I am sure will stand the test of a long term, great wedding song.

The best of 2019 is still a mix of old and new. Recent hits such as Cardi B “I Like It” and a bit older songs Luis Fonsi “Despacito” and Rihanna “Love On the Brain” are still very popular. The same can be said of Bruno Mars and his offerings even though, as of the time of this writing, May 2019, we have not heard anything new from him for awhile.

So whether it is a radio pop/dance mix, rock, love song or anything in between, here is a sampling, not in any particular order, of wedding music that is trending in 2019.

One recent song that tugs at the heart strings is “Shallow” Lady Ga Ga and Bradley Cooper. The stirring performance on the Oscars solidified this song as one of the great ones that will be a wedding favorite for years to come.

Some of you may have seen the music video “Sugar” by Maroon 5. That video of them crashing weddings and spreading around their version of pop wedding bliss really struck home. So much so, that their song is a favorite when it comes to the cake cutting song.

James Arthur and “Say You Won’t Let Go” is another beautiful song and of course “Perfect” in all its’ versions, either with Ed Sheeran by himself or in a duet with Beyonce, is hard to beat as a first dance choice.

In the dance song department, “Jackie Chan” from the popular Post Malone usually has the dance floor jumping as well as previous Bruno Mars hits.

One Kiss” Dua Lupa & Calvin Harris has that 4 on the floor dance beat and will certainly provide an up tempo beat that keeps even this DJ dancing behind the console.

For the special father and daughter dance it is hard to do better than the older songs “I Loved Her First” Heartland is really a favorite of dads. The lyrics say it all for a dad and his daughter. Another tune that will surely bring tears you a dad’s eyes is the not so well known Martina McBride “In My Daughter’s Eyes” Two oldies that have a lot of heart on one of the most heartfelt days of our lives.

There are so many great songs and just not enough time or space to mention them all. For the new bride and groom, you will have a lifetime of songs and memories that they will bring…especially the ones at your wedding.

So, what is your number one pick for best wedding songs of 2019? What are you playing for your wedding? Be it one of the ones I mentioned, or another special song of your own, drop me a line and let me know. I’m always looking for the perfect wedding song.