I have noticed that as time passes by, the wedding reception is evolving and changing. Garter tosses are not as common at the wedding, and cupcakes seem to be more the norm than an actual cake. Even the joy of dancing has seemed to diminish in the last few years. 

As a DJ, one thing I have noticed an increase in is the number of guests that seem to have their faces buried in their cell phones. I am not sure if it is the squirt of dopamine or serotonin, both documented  as the pleasure factor we receive when looking at our phones, or if it is the fear of missing out on something that may be happening, but cell phones seems to be taking a lot of the fun factor out of events.   

Cell phones are wonderful devices. The technology to be in instant contact, record happenings and a host of other options have allowed us to be on the tip of the information iceberg. Yet, at the same time, they prevent us from being in the moment…to really enjoy and cherish time with friends, family.

All of the weddings and events that I do as a DJ and the surrounding area are special, not only to myself, but to my clients. It is quite difficult to be really invested in a function…to experience the ambiance and emotion when one is texting, checking the phone and I dare say, when taking picture after picture or video. I would even say those that are involved with their phones even experience some loneliness. An event and the dancing have always been about the inclusion of people. It used to be that g one of the perks of going to a wedding was to meet new people, and for the young single people, possibly meet a cute guy or girl…or at least have few dances together. In the recent few years I am seeing many of the younger single ladies, in particular, engaged with their phone and not so open to talking with or meeting the single fellows at the event. Is the point of going to celebrations being missed by capturing every moment and multitasking on our cell phone at the same time?          

Privacy is another issue. Partying is so much more fun when no one is taking pictures and videos that turn up for the world to see the next day. Even if they are not up on social media, shaming among acquaintances and even friends and family can be embarrassing. Who wants to dance when their moves can be critiqued by who knows who later on? The old saying of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”  does not seem to apply anymore. It would be nice to leave it to the professional videographers and photographers to document the special moments. After all, they know what they are doing.

Cell phone are not going away anytime soon, but as a Vancouver Wedding DJ who has provided service for over 2,300 weddings and events, I am hoping some of you will consider switching off your cell phone at you next wedding or celebration and enjoy the memories as they are being created and cherish the moment and the music.