Last week we talked about DJ Vancouver karaoke rentals and some of the features of those units. This week I want to delve into the other area of our Vancouver DJ Services, the hosted karaoke services.

These services differ from the karaoke rental machines in that it is a full karaoke service for the client where the karaoke machines are do it yourself. Not every DJ in Vancouver is able to offer karaoke services so we pride ourselves on being able provide a huge number of karaoke songs with a wide range of genres, different PA setups, microphone configurations as well lighting options. We can also provide different size TV and projector screens. Often, Asian clients like the audience to see the lyrics on a screen so that they can sing with the singer on stage. We can do his as well.

It is not just about the equipment however and our karaoke hosts can be interactive and fun while keeping the party organized. We can even bring props such as hats, wigs, blow up instruments and glasses...among other props. We can also provide these props with LED lighting inside them for an even more cool impact at your party.

In addition, we can give you ideas on how to put your karaoke event together the correct way...yes there is right and wrong way to have a karaoke event. There is even a proper way to set up the equipment. If karaoke is done properly, even the non singers can partake and get a lot of enjoyment out of the event. From having theme events, sing offs, your company idol contest and even lip sync competitions, the list is endless on how you can raise the bar on your Christmas party, seasonal party, corporate event or even wedding.  

There are a lot of people calling themselves a Vancouver DJ in the lower mainland but few can offer the fun that hosted karaoke can bring to the party. When done properly and by putting a little planning into your event, hosted karaoke services can give new life to an otherwise mundane gathering.                        


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