Pacific Yacht Venue Update

Pacific Yacht Venue Update

Perhaps some of you have read my previous venue review of The Pacific Yacht. If not and you want to take a look just click on this Venue Review Pacific Yacht. As mentioned before, this is a nice way to see Vancouver harbor and some different routes seem to have been added since this Vancouver DJ wrote the previous blog on the Pacific Yacht . 

This new route by the Pacific Yacht, I had not been on before and there have been some upgrades to the interior  of the Yacht. Gone are the numerous couches that used to be on the lower level. The yacht still does have a couch but it  more streamlined with a few stand up tables which utilize the space more and the give the lower level a more spacious feel. This is great because the head room on the lower level can be a bit low if you are a 6ft tall person

The more open styling also allows your vendors to use existing features of the yacht more easily. For example, it is much more easy to set up and see the lyrics for a karaoke type event that you may have on the yacht. The open type decors gives your guests a better line of sight to the TV screen and more room to move around.   

The new route that I was on this time still has the favorite tugboat buzzing of the yacht.  The tugboat  came pretty close, which made me a touch nervous but I am sure both Captains know what they are doing and are in communication with each other.  All was good though and it added a little extra excitement to the cruise.

We cruised the False creek area. I don't go up this way at all so this was interesting for me as I didn't realize there was a whole community of float homes in that area. In New West on the Fraser river I see them and over in New West the float homes seem to have a more space between them. Seems the closer you get to Vancouver the more crowded it is everywhere.

There was some awesome scenery along the way as well. I didn't realize that there was such a nice view of the stadium from the water nor how close it was to the water.  

Science world looked awesome from the water. I was able to get a clear shot but there is a lot of water action in this area. People on their stand up boards and a lot of anchored boats as well as the boat traffic  make this kind of like a scenic downtown boulevard.

We also got to cruise the more familiar open water down by Stanley Park and with sunset views like this, you sure don't want this cruise to end.

All Pacific Yacht cruises are back at dock by 10 PM and this is pretty much when the music has to end. It is a great way to spend an evening on the water. Staff are great and the meals too. Highly recommended by this DJ in Vancouver


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