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Karaoke Party Theme Ideas

Your guests will have a blast using our Karaoke DJ Service!

For extra spice and a very memorable experience you can create a theme. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Here are some ideas for when you, your friends or clients grab the microphone!

  1. A masquerade event where guests dress as their favorite star and karaoke the night away with prizes and contests for the best act
  2. Have a sing for your supper fundraiser
  3. Another popular theme is a "sweet 16" karaoke birthday party
  4. Country fans can break out the giant belt buckles, cowboy boots and hat and sing their favorites - classics to new country
  5. Classic Rockers with tight jeans, white T-shirts and black leather jackets can belt out the classics of the 60's or the 70's ,80s, 90s
  6. Your great theme idea!

Karaoke - There's Something For Everyone

Regardless of whether you go with one theme or want to completely mix it up with music from every category and time period, our massive collection of songs will meet your needs.

With over 200,000 Karaoke songs plus multicultural selections available, we can supply many of your contemporary song requests. Every guest will dig your singing event. For business events or private parties, our karaoke DJ service has got the music that will be sure to have your karaoke crowd warbling up the tunes.

For the crowd that, ahem� is not quite in tune or shy, we can supply semi-pro singers that will knock your socks off and ramp up your function a few notches... just in case that third rendition of �Born To Be Wild� happens to curdle your beer.

Get ready to have the time of your life with your very own KJ (Karaoke Jockey) hosted Karaoke party. We leave nothing to chance and give you our absolute best.

Call me today to chat about setting up your next Karaoke Fantasy Event. Our calendar fills up well in advance so don�t delay. Call now at 604-816-7727 and we�ll get started planning an event your guests are sure to remember!


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