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I would like to introduce you to the battery powered PA system and Blue Tooth wireless microphone that we have for rent for your ceremony or small cocktail hour.

Of course the great thing about this unit is that you pretty much can take it anywhere. The battery will last for more than eight hours of continuous use and you can stream your music by pairing the speaker with any blue tooth device making it super easy to have music in any location for your event.
This speaker is great for small PA and music applications. It comes with everything you need including speaker stand and a microphone stand for the wireless blue tooth microphone.
Pairing up your blue tooth device couldn’t be easier, just turn on your device with the blue tooth pairing on, press the button on top of the speaker as seen here and the speaker will appear in your list of blue tooth devices on your tablet or on your iPhone.

The speaker comes with a number of features that lend flexibility and controllability to the setup. The top channel – channel one can be used for adding an additional wired speaker or instrument such a guitar or keyboard. Channel two allows for the input of an iPod or other music device in case you have an older blue tooth device that will not pair in with the speaker. Additionally this can be used as an input if you are daisy chaining a number of speakers together. Channel three controls the volume of the wireless blue tooth microphone and beside that you can see an output jack, again for daisy chaining two or more speakers together. Channel four controls the volume for the blue tooth device paired with the speaker while to the right of that is the white EHU button for either speech or music. Your on and off button, battery indicator and input the charge in the speaker with included power adapter are below channel four.
Here you can see the wireless receiver with the yellow indicator light for the blue tooth microphone that plugs into the speaker.

You can control your streaming audio directly from your blue tooth device with any DJ app. For those of you who like a more tactile control we also rent the IDJ LIVE 2 controller for an extra charge. With this controller you can control left or right slide, choose your song and load them either onto the left or right deck, stop, start and play controls are available also and this controller works with many blue tooth devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone or computer. In addition you have control over the EQ with base and treble controls and rudiment DJ controls such as scratch, sync, set Cue points and platter control.
With this system you have a simple, portable and easy way to have music in just about any location for your ceremony, small cocktail hour, small musical event or amplified audio for your speech presentation.

Please contact me through the contact form at DJBoogieShoes.com, email me at Gary@DJBoogieShoes.com or call me at 604-816-7727 for rental rates or for any questions you may have about the Samson Battery Powered Blue Tooth Speaker System.

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Portable Wedding Music

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation. We’re here with Vancouver’s own Gary Waight. He’s the owner of DJ Boogie Shoes in Vancouver, your wedding DJ, a party DJ, event DJ, you name it, he’ll DJ it. How are you doing today Gary?

Gary: I’m doing very well, how’s yourself?

Mark: Good, so you’ve got a new service that allows for a lot more flexibility for where music can be played during a wedding event.

Gary: Yes, I do get a number of brides who have found a beautiful spot where they would really like to have their ceremony, their wedding ceremony but they’re limited in the fact that there’s no power there so they come and ask me, Gary can you set up a little PA system but there’s not power and before I couldn’t but now I’ve discovered powered speakers, battery powered speakers. They’re actually the new rage, as the new technology comes along it always gets better and better so we basically can now, come into your little spot, area even if there is no power and we can set up a little mini PA system and we can bring in music for your wedding reception or if you’re going to have maybe a barbecue there, kind of a thing and we can bring in music at lower volumes for the background music for dinner and for your ceremony. We can also include microphones so if you wanted to broadcast your wedding over the PA system that would be great too. Very flexible, they’re not huge and a very nice clean speakers. They’re not powerful for the dancing, you do need the plugin still, plug in system for that but they will come in and allow us to set up a smaller system just about anywhere you have some spot and you don’t need power to do it. Very easy, very quick and it gives you the service that you can have beautiful music anywhere you want it.

Mark: So that sort of opens the door then for like beach weddings or beach ceremonies or you know a beautiful, under beautiful tree in the middle of a park or what are maybe some other examples of that?

Gary: Well, that will be right, very right, lots of times there a lot of nice lake areas around here but there is no power; the beach that you mentioned, there’s’ no power but we can now overcome that with the battery powered speakers, wireless technology now, so any of those areas would work great even the backyard of your home if you have a large backyard there’s a lot of estates or people who do have farmland out in Langley area, even Surrey but they have beautiful little spots where they don’t have access to power but we can actually set up a little system for there, do their wedding ceremony and move to the main reception area later on.

Mark: Perfect, so if you need flexibility, if you need top notch service, if you want one of the best DJ’s in Vancouver for your wedding ceremony these are the guys to call. DJBoogieShoes.com Check out their website, lots of information there or give Gary an email Gary@DJBoogieShoes.com and you can save yourself a hundred bucks if you call them fairly soon 604-816-7727 Thanks Gary.

Gary: That’s right, thank you.

Vancouver Wedding DJ

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation. We’re here talking about a DJ for your wedding and we’re talking with Mr. Gary Waight of DJ Boogie Shoes in Vancouver. How are you doing today Gary?

Gary: I’m doing super great, we got another sunny day out there while the rest of the country is in snow, so I’m happy.

Mark: So we’re going to talk about services and some of the things that you can provide, kind of really down to the nitty gritty little details kind of thing, so you’re talking about display offerings. What was that about?

Gary: Well, one of the complimentary things that we do and this is free of charge is a nice little service where we actually if you’re going to have a slide show or video presentation at your event or wedding which is a normal thing to do, we take a cable out of the earphone jack in your computer and we’ll run that cable into our mixing board and all the audio track that you have on your video or slide show will come through to our large speakers, our PA system so everybody gets to hear the music that you’ve chosen or any vocals or any sound track, nice and clear through the speakers and it just fills the whole room and that’s complimentary, no charge for that. So that’s one of the things that we do, do.

A couple of things we always like to kind of caution clients on, it’s something that we have decided that we don’t feel is something we really like to do, is that sometimes a guest may come with a CD or a stick and ask if we can put that in the computer, you know, this being the clients wedding and everything, we’re very cautious about that because the CD or stick can introduce viruses into the computer causing a system crash and basically we have to shut down and then we have dead air space for five minutes or ten minutes or however long it takes to reboot the system which is not a good thing to have and also sometimes that will happen if the CD is not formatted correctly. It can cause the computer to go wonky and then we have the same problem. So those one of the things that we prefer not to do, we like to get your music that you want three weeks before hand and get it in the proper format so that everything runs just smooth as silk and goes along very well.

One of the other things that we found is that we don’t bring along a cable for any iPods or iPhones and we prefer not to plug those into the system because we have found that what has happened is guest or maybe your cousin or your uncle has come along with his iPod or iPhone and said look I’ve got all the great songs that I like to hear on my iPhone or iPod, can we plug it into your board and then first thing you know they’ve hijacked your event. All the wonderful music that you wanted to hear is now is your uncle or your cousin, it’s his playlist and he’s not even paying us. So we like to avoid those types of things, so we don’t bring the cable and prefer not to plug in the iPod or iPhones into the system for that reason.

Mark: Straight forward. So you want your wedding to be your wedding and memorable and of course the music is the thing that folks are going to remember for years afterwards, think back about your own experiences with weddings, what you remember is the party. This is the guy you want running the party DJBoogieShoes.com or give him an email at gary@djboogieshoes.com. Let him run your next party. Thanks Gary.

Gary: Thank you very much.

Wedding Swing Dance

This great Swing Dancing Wedding Couple really know how to swing it!

Create an unforgettable celebration of your wedding… Did you know that 80% of your guests will remember whether the music was handled well and if everyone had a good time? DJ Boogie Shoes brings you and your guests extensive experience and know how to get the party started and keep -everyone- dancing.

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